Explore 6 Interesting Places to Visit in Puerto Rico

Interesting Sides of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a tropical vacation destination situated on the North American continent. It is home to the world’s best beaches. People love sightseeing tours, breathtaking nature, beautiful resorts, and rain forests, here. It is famous for colonial architecture, and alluring tourist attractions. Adventure and beach seekers will have plenty of opportunities to explore. It has the best beach beauty and thrilling activities. This includes hiking, surfing, sailing, mountain biking, etc. It doesn’t matter if you come here with your partner, family, or friend group. The place has something to offer to people of all age groups. 

The calm water, large palm trees, golden sand, huge waves on gorgeous tropical beaches excites the true beach lover and hard-core surfers. In addition, the site is home to plenty of tropical rain forests. It is home also for the wonders of nature, including Bioluminescent Bay. Also, the old forts, classic architecture, and great historical sites double the beauty and elegance of the place. There is a mix of Spanish colonial history about the life of Puerto Rico. 

1. El Yunque National Forest 

El Yunque National Forest is one of the best and popular tourist attractions in Puerto Rico. It is situated beside the La Coca Falls highway. This features a cascade of 85 feet and forming into a high point. Do you want to experience the lush greenery and island’s beauty? Come to the El Yunque National Forest surrounded by the Luquillo Mountains. Moreover, the site is home to plenty of other tropical rain forests. This includes the National US Forest System. 

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Numerous walking trails are running throughout the forest. This allows hikers to explore the jungle’s beauty in the best possible way. Moreover, it offers a unique opportunity to get a close look at around 240 species of trees and hundreds of plant species, including orchids. The park spreads up to 3500 feet above the sea levels and 43 square miles, such as three-quarters of the virgin forest. The climate of the forest is considerably cooler than the other sites. The park’s main highlights include La Coca Falls, Bano de Oro, La Mina Falls, Bano Grande, and La Coca Falls. 

2. Culebra Island 

Culebra Island is a smaller island yet has the most renowned and beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico. This is well-known for its uniqueness and interesting characteristics. The tourism rate is so high, and the atmosphere is pleasant and ideal throughout the year. The Culebra is just seven miles long and three miles wide and features around 23 offshore islands. The Caribbean island of Saint Thomas lies on the 17 miles east side of Puerto Rico and 12 miles on the western side of the Caribbean island. 

Isla de Culebra Wildlife Refuge is a well-preserved site featuring more than 20 offshore cays. In addition, Playa Flamenco is another top-rated beach situated on the island, and it is easily accessible from the main landmark. The water is ideal for doing water sports activities like surfing, swimming, etc. More than a third of the island is reserved for wildlife refuge, and it includes Cayo Luis Pena, a small island located west of Culebra. 

3. Arecibo Radio Telescope 

The Arecibo Radio Telescope is an interesting site featuring 20 acres of dish set, and it has been proved as the ‘music of the stars, moon, planets, and the earth’s ionosphere. It is often associated with an upcoming search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) program. Many people might find the place familiar because some of the scenes of the Jodie Foster film have been shot here and other parts at the observatory. 

In short, the site is amazing and unique, and the best one is the Observatorio de Arecibo and worth visiting. It is run and owned by the US National Science Foundation and is also known as the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (NAIC). The important instrument of the observatory is the Arecibo Telescope which is 1000 feet high and built into a sinkhole. Book your Volaris flight tickets from the official site and get ready to explore the famous landmarks in Puerto Rico. 

4. Old San Juan

Old San Juan is widely renowned for its colonial and classic architecture and incredible forts. The overall appearance of the site gives an impression as if you have stepped into a different era. The place is more than 500 years old and is also considered the city’s second-largest. The mix of Spanish colonial history and modern life of Puerto Ricans is another thing to notice and get impressed with.

Old San Juan is also listed under UNESCO World Heritage Site along with hundreds of Spanish colonial buildings built during the 16th and 17th centuries. Today, tourists can find plenty of amazing dining and shopping spots in the beautiful streets. El Morro Fort is a notable site in Old San Juan lying on the peninsula above the ocean, and it takes a short walk from the city center. It was established in 1539, and since then, it comes under one of the top-rated tourist attractions in Puerto Rico. 

5. Vieques and Bioluminescent Bay

Vieques is a well-renowned beach resort featuring high-end hotels, restaurants, shops, and beautiful art galleries. It is eight miles from the city’s mainland, and after the departure of the United States Army in 2003, Vieques started focusing on tourism. It’s gorgeous white sand beaches attract thousands and lakhs of tourists every year and offer them an experience to remember throughout their life. However, there are no large and fancy restaurants or premium condo complexes. 

Vieques is the largest island of the Spanish Virgin Islands, and it is 21 miles long and five miles wide. The other name of the island is Mosquito Bay, also known as Bioluminescent Bay, famous for its unique features and lits up the mood and atmosphere with its aura and feels, especially at night. Tourists can take a boat or cruise tour or go on a kayak trip and enjoy the pleasing serene nature of the natural wonders.

6. Seven Seas Beach 

Seven Seas Beach is only thirty miles away from San Juan, and it is quite a famous beach destination surrounded by turquoise waters, palm trees, and a clear blue sky. The beach destination is family-friendly and open for people of all age groups, and it offers amazing beach facilities, including easy parking, restrooms, picnic tables, etc. The sand of the beach is golden brown and has a gentle slope making it ideal for people to play games like volleyball. However, boats are not allowed in the water. Make American Airlines reservations and find an escape from your ordinary life and experience the best days of your life.

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