7 Reasons for Outsourcing App Development to India

Outsourcing App Development

Do you have an excellent app idea but not sure how to implement it? You’ll find options to hire a designer or outsource the project. But, hiring a designer just for building a project doesn’t make sense. So outsourcing the development is the best option that is suitable.

Outsourcing the development will increase the profit margins. It will also accelerate the business. This wil improve your brand’s competition in the market. 

India is a leader in the outsourcing industry. It has a significantly lower per hour development charge. Here you’ll find affordable rates than those in the USA, Canada, and the UK without compromising in the quality.

Outsourcing app development to India will provide you with lower cost and high software quality. It will provide access to a huge pool of talented mobile app developers.

So, let us dive deep and understand why should you hire app developers from India. Know why is India the hub of outsourcing app development.

Why Outsource App Development in India?

1. Lower Development Cost

India is the perfect outsourcing destination for you if you want the best service with the least amount of money. Because the software development rates are very less compared to the other countries, many companies choose to outsource the app development in India.

Every business or company wants quality services and also not a very high development price that disturbs the budgets. The flexible pricing options allow businesses to manage their budgets with a very affordable development rate.

In India, you will find outsource app development cost somewhere around $20 – $40 per hour, which is very less compared to the other countries where the development rates are around $70 – $150 per hour.

2. Find Best Talents

India is a hub of highly skilled professional app developers in the world with all technical expertise. Around 200,000 software graduates join the workforce every year. 

You will find technology experts, experienced developers, and all others to work on your project. The foreign companies are always in search of the best-skilled workforce for their development approach and they find the right combination in India.

Hence outsourcing the project to India will give access to a pool of talented and experienced developers who will take care of the entire development process. This is also the reason why many companies get attracted to India to outsource their software development.

3. No Communication Barrier

In the outsourcing world, the only major medium of communication is the English language. And India is the second-largest English-speaking country after the US worldwide. There are almost 125 million English-speaking people in India, also India ranks third in Asia on English proficiency.

Businesses can proficiently communicate with Indian developers without any hassle or language barriers. The developers are not only tech experts but also proficient in English speaking, so there will be no issues communicating with foreign clients.

4. Latest Technologies

In this highly competitive world, every business wants to implement the latest technologies to survive in the market trends. All the Indian development companies keep themselves updated with the latest technologies to build a better version for their clients.

All the Indian developers are tech-savvy, you will find experts in every technology who will build a cutting-edge product for you. 

Outsourcing from India will provide the clients with the best service at affordable rates of development. So there is no worry to compromise with the quality of the final product you will receive.

5. Dedicated Working Professionals

When you outsource mobile app development project to Indian developers, the entire project is then handled by hard-working professionals who take care of the development process.

As there is a difference in time zones of both countries, effective utilization of time is also carried to coordinate with the on-site and off-site teams, which speeds up the process to finish the task assigned.

In India, the working hours of any firm are 9 hours a day, all the developers work productively for 9 hours every day and sometimes the hard-working professionals are ready to put in extra time to complete the project before the deadline. 

6. Time Zone Benefit

Indian outsourcing companies are recognized throughout the world for providing very fast project delivery. The time zone is an important factor that contributes to the fast delivery of the project. Indian developers work in the given time frame and also ensure the launch of service on time.

India is the preferred choice for outsourcing because it falls in a different time zone compared to the USA and other western countries. India is nine and half hours ahead of the USA and three and half hours ahead of Europe.

According to a report, foreign countries save up to 60% of the total cost when they outsource their project to India. The work gets completed on time and the project is delivered to the client before the deadline without any hassle. 

7. Government Outsourcing Policies

Outsourcing is the main source of generating foreign income for the Indian economy. India is having a very friendly outsourcing policy. The context policies are written keeping in mind the GDP growth, taxation, telecom, etc.

The policies of the Indian government are framed in such a way that it highly supports the IT Industries of the country. The Indian government considers the IT industry as the top priority and so supports the industry by offering tax-related and other benefits. The government policies also ensure the full safety of important data and information that is been shared with the outsourcing companies.

The favorable government policies, lower costs, and availability of skilled resources makes India the best location for outsourcing software development.


Although many other countries are giving tough competition to India, still India remains one of the most preferred outsourcing destinations worldwide. 

Though the pandemic has caused a lot of concerns among people regarding outsourcing, many businesses initiatives in digital transformation have led the Indian IT industry to see a rise in revenue.

You will find cost-effective options, advanced technologies, and a talented team that will overall help in the growth of your business.

There are various benefits of outsourcing in India you can enjoy, and it would undoubtedly be the right decision for you to outsource the app development in India.

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