Find a Complete Guide to Plan Skandagiri Trek

Skandagiri Trek


The Trek to Skandagiri is one of the most well-known of the five hills in the Chikballapur district. It is known as the “Panchagiris,”. This include Nandi Giri, Channa Giri, Skanda Giri, Brahma Giri, and Hema Giri.

Skandagiri is also known as Kalavara Durga because it is in a village called Kalavara Halli. The Papagni Mutt is one of Karnataka’s oldest mutts. It can be found at the foothills of Skandagiri.

The trail begins at Papagni Mutt and ascends to the summit. Here the remains of an 18th-century fort can be found. Tipu Sultan conquered the fort, which belonged to a local ruler. Later he used it as a stronghold to fight the British. However, Tipu Sultan was ultimately defeated in 1791 and gave it up.

It is awe-inspiring to look at the four surrounding “Giris,” or hills, from the summit.

Skandagiri well-connects by road and rail, being less than 60 kilometers from Bengaluru and just 3 kilometers from Chikballapur. As a result, it makes a great year-round trek for both novice and experienced trekkers and can complete comfortably in five hours (two hours to ascend and two hours to descend, with an hour at the summit).

How to Get to Skandagiri Trek

Skandagiri can reach by air, rail, and road, making it simple to get there. If you want to get there from a faraway place, you can take the train or the plane, depending on how easy it is for you. In both instances, Bangalore has the cleanest airport and the closest railway station to Skandagiri’s hills.

After catching a flight or taking a train to the city of Bangalore, the next step is to drive the remaining distance. Nearly 62 kilometers separate Bangalore and Skandagiri Hills. You should be aware that the Skandagiri trekking distance is 10 kilometers in advance. If you want to climb the hill and walk at a normal high pace at the same time, it will take you at least five hours to complete the trek.

The ideal time to reach the peak is nearly two hours, but this time is also directly proportional to your speed. After you reach the summit, you can take some time to unwind in the picturesque midst of nature while taking in the most stunning view of the surrounding Nandi hills. It will take you about one and a half hours to descend the peak.

When to go on Skandagiri Trek

Every one of the months with the exception of the blustery season is really great for arranging a journey to this wonderful spot. In any case, to get the best out of grand perspectives winters as well as storms views as ideal to make arrangements for the trip. In winter you approach the reasonable sky which means stargazing with no break from the mists.

While in a rain, the greenery leads you to a new enthusiasm to travel. In summer additionally, a trip to Skandagiri can arrange yet it ultimately depends on you in the event that you can beat the burning sun or not. In this way, be cautious about picking the hour of the trip.

What to do on the Skandagiri Trek 

There aren’t as many tourist attractions here as you might like. However, the few that the establishment provides are well worth your time. There are additional options to explore in addition to taking in the nighttime stargazing and scenic views during the day. The stunning Kethenahalli village, 12 kilometers from Chikkaballapur village, is where you can see the Vivekananda Falls.

Additionally, Ranganatha Swamy Temple is a must-see. You can enjoy Tipu’s Summer Residence and Tipu’s Drop at Nandi Hills. Paragliding is the next activity to try in the Nandi Hills, after mountain biking. You can also take pleasure in Brahmashram Cave, Amrita Sarovar, and Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple.


Trekking has a significant positive impact on your physical health, which is one of its primary advantages. Your strength, agility, and cardio fitness will all benefit from spending multiple hours on the trail, climbing around boulders, rock hopping, and ascending hills. 

It’d be better to hear from other travelers who have already experienced Skandagiri or I’d recommend watching some videos before going there because nature can be unpredictable. Even though people say that it is safe, it is better to take precautions. The nearest hospital and the ATM machine would be in Chikkaballpura and which is around 5 km away from the site. All major companies like Vodafone, Airtel, Jio, etc…get connections except in some areas.

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