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Since the mathematics exam became mandatory for all school children, parents are increasingly turning to the services of private tutors. Unfortunately, some teachers who declare themselves professional tutors don’t always have sufficient qualifications and skills that meet educational quality standards, possess training programs and methodological rules for conducting lessons. Such a tutor fails to help students and improve their knowledge in math. So, how to navigate the sea of offers and choose a really good math tutor?

Finding a math tutor is a challenge faced by both the parents of graduates and the parents of elementary school students. However, hiring a professional tutor helps your child in preparing for exams, filling gaps in knowledge, or reaching the Olympiad level. A good tutor should teach the child to think independently, and not give him ready-made solutions.

In this article, we’ll explain where to find a good math tutor.

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Tips for Finding a Good Online Math Tutor

1. Education Of a Math Tutor

A math tutor’s education should include quality math training. It can’t be not only classical mechanics or mathematics in pedagogy but also economics or bioinformatics faculty. Having a pedagogical education is certainly a plus for an online tutor, but the main qualities of a good tutor are impeccable knowledge of the subject and the ability to present it with high quality.

2. Work Experience Of a Math Tutor

It’s important that the math tutor has experience working with children of your child’s age and level. The experience of achieving goals with your child that are similar to your goals is important. For example, if a tutor prepares children for Olympiads, he may not be able to cope with a child who has problems in basic topics. Another example is when an elementary school tutor may be incompetent in preparing for high school exams, your child may fail in achieving good grades in exams.

3. Test your Math Tutor’s Knowledge

Without studying the subject yourself, it’s difficult to determine the level of knowledge of a tutor in mathematics. In this case, you should focus on his diploma, regalia in mathematical competitions and certificates of professional courses.

In the first lessons, it’s worth being present with the child and observing how the lesson is going on, how the child behaves, and whether the child is comfortable with the teacher. Evaluate how the free online math tutor conveys the material. If what he explains isn’t clear to you, the child will not understand it all the more.

The quality of knowledge can also be assessed by the quality of the explanations. It’s great if the online tutor answers the child’s questions without hesitation, doesn’t skip them and gives the material without hesitation and gaps.

4. Able to Solve Your Child’s Problems

First of all, a good math tutor conducts a test for assessing the child’s level of knowledge and identifies problematic topics that interfere with further study of the subject. Further, the tutor selects the program for your goals and conducts classes so that the child is interested. If at the first meeting the free online tutor doesn’t try to find out the actual problem like why is the child lacking behind, he isn’t able to find the solutions.

5. Methodology A Mathematics Tutor Use

When choosing a program and methodology, a mathematics tutor must choose the child-oriented method. Therefore, it’s necessary to determine the child’s knowledge and his ability of information perception – how he better understands explanations and how to hold his attention in the lesson.

Speaking about mathematics for elementary school, it is safe to say that all children like the game format of classes. Learning mathematics online in the form of quests, adventures and travels is much more fun than using examples in boring textbooks.

6. Evaluate the Result of a Math Tutor’s Work

The result is assessed by the level of knowledge of the child. And it’s not just about grades in school. A good tutor regularly conducts quizzes and provides feedback to parents showing their child’s progress and current problems.


An online math tutor always faces more obstacles to organizing distance learning than a linguistic tutor. What can you do? You need to keep your eye on the world of online learning trends, and master new programs. You have to understand some of the technological intricacies.

A trial lesson will help to finally clarify the situation. It will help you know whether a particular tutor is suitable for the child. Many tutors offer it at a discounted price. If you see that the tutor is able to establish contact with the student, feel free to make a deal with the math tutoring cent re!

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