8 Best Old Horror Movies Bollywood Has in Its Arsenal

Old Horror Movies

Old Horror Movies Bollywood – Rising Trends of Horror Movies and Shows has made many people fans of Horror Movies. Although many people watch Best Horror Web Series and Movies. But Do you Know There are Old Horror Movies Bollywood has Stored For you? These Movies have made Records on the box office and Well known Horror Movies in their time. So let’s Find out about These Old Bollywood Horror Movies.

1. Do Gaz Zameen ke Niche 

A Scientist was betrayed by his unfaithful wife and her lover and got killed. Later he returned as a zombie. He plans revenge on his wife and her lover. In his revenge journey, his servants help him. The movie is a Horror Drama Style setting which means you are going to see some romance and Horror at the same time.

2. Jaani Dushman

A Village is constantly attacked by some mysterious entity who abducts and kills the Brides leaving the village. Some people start investigating these incidents separately. But in the end, all of them meet in one circumstance and Fight the creature who is attacking Brides. Later it is revealed that the attacker is an evil spirit that is betrayed by his New wife. If You are looking for old horror movies Bollywood has to offer. Then you must watch Jaani Dushman. This Full of drama and Thriller movie will be entertaining for you.

3. Purana Mandir

Looking for a Full-on Horror Revenge Movie Purana Mandir is one of the Old horror Movies Bollywood has produced keeping the movie focused on Horror. Story of an Evil warrior who is decapitated by a king and buried beneath a temple. So that his evil spirit doesn’t cause havoc on citizens. After 2 centuries of flourishing, the city becomes a wasteland. Some tourists visit the ruins of the city for camping. Among them is one of the members who are related to the king. Warrior’s spirit senses it and free itself from bondage and tries to kill every one of the tourists for revenge.

4. Veerana

 Daughter of a wealthy man bewitched by one of its servants. And Decide later that servant mobilizes its plans to revive its evil master. For this purpose, he needs That bewitched girl. But her younger sister, Her friends, and her father try to stop Him. watch these Old Horror Movies Bollywood got in its arsenal to make your weekend entertaining.

5. Dak Bangla 

A story of an Evil father and Son Who tries to take over a kingdom but fails. Son killed the princess and got killed by the soldiers. Father gathers the remains of his sons and binds his spirit to the castle. Because of that the castle got abandoned and became Dak Bangla. No one Enters Dak Bangla but after years some people visit Dak Bangla. Mysterious and haunting activities start following them and they start disappearing.

6. Band Darwaza

An evil vampire-like entity with its henchmen is terrorizing the Village. Abducting the woman and children to eat. This entity abducts the wife of a wealthy man to make her servant.  A man gathers some people and takes advice from a Tantrik on how to end this entity. Tantrik reveals that sunlight is its only weakness. So they hatch a plan to lure this entity into bright sunlight and end its facade forever.

7. Kafan

 Group of 4 Evil friends plans to become Immortals. They meet a Tantrik and tell their plan to the Tantrik. Tantrik advised them to get a virgin Girl for sacrifice. They abduct a girl but on the way to Tantrik, they raped her. At the time of sacrifice, she converts into an evil spirit and instantly kills the Tantrik. Then she began her hunt for these evil friends.

8. Aakhri Cheekh

A man Kills his love interest but Her friends and Family capture him. Later He was Accused and Got the death penalty for his crime. But he wanted revenge on people who captured him so his soul remained in this world. Later he starts killing those people and their Families for Revenge. The story is so terrifying that it will give you chills.

Final Say About Best Old Horror Movies Bollywood

These Old Horror Movies Bollywood Has produced are one of the Blockbuster movies of old times. If we missed any of the Horror Bollywood Movies Please let us Know. 

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