An Ultimate Guide to Canada’s top 6 Foodie Cities

Canada’s top foodie cities

The top foodie cities in the world may be found in several Canadian cities. Moving to Canada and enjoying all of its culinary delights is one of the best ways to experience the country. The top foodie cities in Canada are Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Food from around the world can be found in Toronto. It includes Malaysian, Indian, and Middle Eastern dishes. 

Poutine is a culinary specialty of Montreal’s French-influenced cuisine. Many unique restaurants can be found in Vancouver. You can find some of the best sushi and seafood in the world. One of Canada’s top foodie cities has something for everyone. It is regardless of what type of food they prefer.

We highlight the top foodie cities across the country. Each offers its own unique dining experiences showcasing the best of the nation’s cuisine. Canadian foodie cities are sure to satisfy your cravings for hearty comfort food or inventive cuisine. Let’s explore the best of what this food-loving nation has to offer.

1. Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria has the highest concentration of restaurants per capita in Canada. It is a must-visit destination for beer enthusiasts, cocktail connoisseurs, and farm-to-table eaters. A wide variety of dining options can be found in this city. These are outdoor markets, street food vendors, British-style pubs, international restaurants. You can also find and microbreweries with tours and tastings available.

Five types of salmon, Pacific Rim-inspired seafood, and sustainably-sourced fresh fish are some of Victoria’s defining dishes. There is a lot of grass-fed beef and lamb and organic cheese used in the dishes. You can also find the fruit and vegetables that are grown on the property. 

Check out the following restaurants for a memorable dining experience

  • Hank’s *A Restaurant for meat dishes
  • Ferris’ Oyster Bar for oysters and tapas
  • North FORTY-EIGHT for global comfort food and fondues
  • Be Love for vegan farm-to-table cuisine
  • Pizzaria Prima Strada for fire-roasted pizzas and gelato.

2. St. John’s, Newfoundland

With new young chefs bringing traditional dishes to the table, St. John’s, the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador. It has seen a culinary resurgence. Experience the city’s Irish and Scottish heritage as you sample fish and brews, cod cheeks and tongue, and seal flipper pie. To make a Sunday boil, serve Jiggs’ Dinner along with bakeapple pie and tinned cream.

At Raymond’s, you’ll find a sophisticated Nordic menu. At Bacalao, you’ll find sustainable dishes. You’ll find cocktails and charcuterie at At Chinched Bistro. At Sprout, you’ll find vegetarian and vegan food. The saltwater restaurant serves a five-course tasting menu. And, at The Reluctant Chef, you’ll find sea and land creations.

3. Kelowna, British Columbia

A variety of hip brunch spots, trendy diners, and award-winning restaurants are popping up in Kelowna, the unofficial capital of the Okanagan Valley. Bannock served with creative ingredients, mashed potato brioche, charcuterie made with local cheese, and goat’s milk gelato are some of the unique dishes available on the local dining scene.

In Kelowna, the best dining experiences include RauDZ on Water Street with its inventive organic and local dishes, and Old Vines Restaurant on Boucherie Road for its delicious entrées paired. For breakfast and lunch, why not try Little Hobo Soup & Sandwich on Lawrence Avenue, Bouchons on Sunset Drive for classic French bistro cuisine, or Okanagan Street Food on Crowley Avenue for their delicious Market Breakfast Wrap, all accompanied by a great selection of wines.

4. Ottawa, Ontario

Quebec City is renowned for its unique French-Canadian cuisine, ranging from classic dishes like tourtière, poutine, and buckwheat pancakes to more modern creations such as cartons, fèves au lard, and pouding chômeur. For the best culinary experience, visitors should dine at Toast, Chez Biceps BBQ, iX Pour Bistro, La Taqueria, Laurie Raphaël, and The Billig.

Toast! serves up experimental global cuisine that combines local produce with unusual flavors, while Chez Biceps BBQ offers slow-smoked and juicy meats. iX Pour Bistro is an eclectic neo-bistro, featuring family recipes and private wines. La Taqueria offers street-style Mexican flavors, while Laurie Raphaël is known for its French haute cuisine. 

Halifax, Nova Scotia

A hip and historical city near the Atlantic Ocean with organic farms and award-winning craft breweries in the area, Halifax is home to new chefs taking advantage of the area’s organic farms and craft breweries. The Halifax Donair is the city’s official snack, which consists of pita bread filled with chopped shaved beef, tomatoes, onions, and a special sauce.

In addition to scallops, lobster, crabs, mussels, oysters, and chowder, there are also champagne-style ciders from the nearby Annapolis Valley, which pair well with seafood dishes. You can enjoy New Canadian cuisine at Brooklyn Warehouse, Nova Scotia seafood at Five Fisherman Restaurant & Grill, French-inspired fare at Agricola Street Brasserie, the market-fresh fare at EDNA, and seafood, meat, poultry, and game at The Press Gang Restaurant & Oyster Bar.

5. Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is Canada’s largest beef producer, and its meat-forward cuisine has gained notoriety in recent years. Open-kitchen restaurants have become popular among a generation of young chefs. Sylvan Star’s award-winning Gouda, Brassica mustard, mini-doughnuts, a Stampede favorite that was first introduced in the late 1960s, and Chinese-style ginger beef are a few of the signature dishes. This dish features strips of beef that are deep-fried and then tossed in a zesty blend of ginger, garlic, pepper, and vinegar.

Creamy custard topped with meringue makes for a great sweet treat. You can enjoy prime ribs with all the fixings at Smuggler’s Inn on Macleod Trail South, sushi pizza at Cafe 100%, and southern fried chicken with all the fixings at Cluck ‘n’ Cleaver on 14th Street Southwest. On 8th Avenue Southeast, you’ll find Catch & The Oyster Bar. On 4 Street Southwest, you’ll find Wurst, known for its fiery Chili Bacon Calamari appetizer.

6. Toronto, Ontario

It never ceases to amaze visitors to Toronto how diverse its food offerings are. A variety of French cuisine, modern Canadian cuisine, and slow-smoked Texan delights are in the city’s constantly evolving food scene. Popular menu items at Alo Restaurant on Spadina Avenue include chicken shwarmas, Pastéis de nat, Jamaican beef patties, and veal sandwiches. Sandwiches with peameal bacon are available at Canoe Restaurant & Bar on Wellington Street West, along with sausages made from deer, elk, kangaroo, guinea fowl, pheasant, and wild boar.

Try meals like chicken shwarmas and Jamaican beef patties at Adamson Barbecue on Wicksteed Avenue. Along with wild boar sausages, Street Shak on Queen Street West serves a variety of sandwiches with peameal bacon. The veal sandwiches at Bar Isabel on College Street are well-known, as are the variety of elk and kangaroo sausages they offer. Foxley on Ossington Avenue is a great spot to try Pastéis de nat, as well as pheasant and guinea fowl sausages. Lastly, Rasta Pasta on Kensington Avenue is a great place to enjoy chicken shwarmas and Jamaican beef patties.


Overall, Canadian cities are home to some of the world’s best foodie cities. Whether it’s Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, or Calgary, every city offers something different and delicious. With such a diverse selection of foods and cooking techniques, any palette can find something they enjoy. Canada’s top foodie cities have something to offer everyone from a romantic meal for two to a night out on the town. For those looking to experience the culinary delights of Canada, studying in Canada is a great way to explore the country’s top foodie cities.

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