Top 4 Wealth Management Training Courses Ranked by Bankers

Wealth Management Training Courses

You may have heard the term ‘Private Banking’ before. You must have thought that it’s the banking sector that is at the beck and call of affluent individuals, to tend to their banking needs. The private banking sector does deal with affluent individuals, so you’re not wrong there. However, private banking is just another name for wealth management. It is a field in finance that is growing quite quickly.

Wealth management firms provide services in the areas of investment management and planning. Services are also available in insurance planning, estate planning, taxes and accounting, retirement planning, legal advice and financial advice to typically wealthy clients. In the world of finance today, wealth management is a highly sought after position. It is because of the great working hours, global appeal, fast career growth and good compensation. 

You could use the knowledge you gain from a wealth management training course. You can position yourself for career advancement opportunities. Also, you can use it to manage your portfolio more effectively for regular and larger returns.

Why do you need to take these wealth management training courses?

It gives you an edge over others.

You will need to persuade people to hand over millions to you. This will be difficult to do if you do not have a way of showing your prowess in financial and investment matters. Even though wealth management is highly lucrative, it is also really competitive. A course/certificate will give you the needed boost. 

It adds to your CV

Having an added wealth management certification helps your CV to stand out among many others. It make your better than those have not been submitted for a wealth management role.

It furnishes you with a wide range of knowledge

A wealth management role requires you to know about every asset class unlike the Debt Capital markets. It only requires your knowledge of bonds. Wealth management training courses will teach you what you need to know about managing portfolios. It will teach about risks and taxes, and all essential aspects of wealth management.

Here are some of the top rated wealth management training courses you should consider:

1. Professional Certificate in Wealth Management from the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF)

This certification is easily one of the best due to its greatly comprehensive nature. With this certification, you would be an asset to any wealth management firm you are part of. Having a brand like NYIF on your CV would boost it significantly, particularly if you intend pursuing a career in wealth management or investment banking, and it will give you an added advantage when competing with others for a role.

In the course, the topics covered are quite broad with segments covering commodities, estate planning, trusts, hedge funds, compliance issues, portfolio management and mutual funds. It is an online course, on-demand, takes about 75 hours to complete and it is well suited for learners at various skill levels.

2. Capital Markets & Securities Analyst (CMSA) from the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

The Capital Markets & Securities Analyst course concentrates on derivatives, equities, foreign exchange, fixed income, and commodities – the financial and capital markets. If you are looking to occupy roles in asset management, wealth management, or sales and trading, then this course is perfect for you. The course content is segmented and you have the option of taking some elective preparatory courses to learn the fundamentals if you are new to financial markets.

It is therefore well-suited for learners at varying levels. You also have the option of selecting advanced electives. This versatility makes it one of the best courses that adapts to your learning needs. It is taken online and requires about 60 to 100 hours to complete.

3. Investment Management from the University of Geneva

This is a client centered course that helps you persuade potential clients to hand over their money to you to manage. Despite knowing the technical side of the trade, your relationship with clients is important and this investment management course teaches you just how to understand clients and their long term goals, helping you to be better at your job.

A certification from a highly ranked global university like the University of Geneva will help to boost your CV and showcase your skills in wealth management. It is completely online and takes about 60 hours to complete.

4. Investment and Portfolio Management from Rice University

This course provides fundamental knowledge on wealth management and teaches students skills needed in the real-world to design, execute, and evaluate investment decisions to achieve their client’s financial goals. It is quite comprehensive as it touches on topics like asset evaluation, financial instruments, risk management, and portfolio management. This certification from Rice University will be great for your CV and your understanding of wealth management. It takes about 72 hours to complete and classes are taken online.

Other top rated courses/certifications to consider are Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Private Wealth Advisor which both offer stupendous value for your career.

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