Top 6 Reasons Why You Need An Alumni Management Software for School

Alumni Management Software

The way of choosing an educational institute for the kids is far away than it was used to be.  The way you represent your school can impact a lot. One of the most reliable representatives is the alumni. The words like Oxonians, Xavierians, IITians speak a lot about the educational institutes they used to belong to. Maintaining organized information about school alumni is the need of the hour. The importance of alumni can be underlying while mentioning the following aspects:

  • Alumni are the potential recruiters for your students
  • Alumni can raise significant funds through campaigns, donations.
  • They can extend help to accomplish the school events at a better scale
  • They can work as brand ambassadors for your institute.
  • They can offer you a large canvas of different technologies and roles. 

Many educational institute managements think that investing in procuring a dedicated school alumni management system is a waste of money. Vidyalaya being a key player in the education software provider market, introduces tailor-made software for it. The software is crafted by industry experts by thoroughly understanding the specialized needs of the educational sector. After learning the benefits, the software is offering, management will surely predict that the investment in the school alumni management system is a beneficial decision. Here are the top 6 reasons to demonstrate that:

  1. A tool to connect with alumni

In this digitalized era, social platforms can play important role in connecting with each other, but when social media meetings can have some limitations. So, there is a need for a dedicated school alumni management software that will help the institute to connect the alumni with a closed-loop. Also, with this software, Vidyalaya eliminates the need for dependency on social media for being connected. This single platform will facilitate management with the in-built mailing list, event updates, chats that will make the connection more prominent. The software shares a common platform where alumni can get to know about their batchmates, friends from other streams and can cherish the lively moments they spent together. 

  1. Widens the scope of placements

Students getting hired by top organizations is one of the aspects that an educational institute can boast of. The higher placement rate can fascinate new admissions and in turn the growth of the school. As alumni can be spread across the globe serving different sectors at various job profiles, they can be a great source of recruiting new talents. 

The common platform offered by Vidyalaya’s school alumni management system will help them to contact the administration about current vacancies, new hirings, recruitment drives, and job-related posts. Also, it can be an easy deal if organizations you are looking to invite for campus drive and your institute’s alumni are already working over there. 

  1. Make the fundraising easier

Funds raised by alumni network often becomes a bigger source of income for an educational institute. There are various events happening throughout the academic year that require sponsors, this provision can be made through the fundraising campaigns designed by the alumni. As the engaged alumni network can play a crucial role in fundraising, they can fulfil the requirements of finance for events. 

Vidyalaya’s school alumni management software takes care of keeping the track of all donations made by the alumni network. It also streamlines the processes of event ticket selling and entire event management. This will help to make the processes transparent and thus increase reliability. 

  1. Knowledge sharing within few clicks

Alumni can act as a source of knowledge that has the practical and experiential edge. This information can help the current students in gaining professional insights. As seniors are sharing the information and the stories that they struggled to make the rewarding positions will continue to inspire the freshers who are going to make a professional debut. 

Vidyalaya will offer an interactive platform where alumni can share their thoughts, posts, notes, preparation tips that will act as hands-on notes for the students. Also, as alumni are working in different sectors and performing different roles, they can give tips to explore new dimensions in their career with their knowledge sharing. The school alumni management system will work as the mediator between alumni and the current students so that they will get the proper guidance from the industry experts who are their seniors only. 

  1. Move the engagement to the next level with the school brand

A high level of alumni engagement requires extensive trust and pride. A branded platform can give the trust so that alumni can share their contact details, professional details that in turn can help the current students in various processes. This can eliminate the dependency on a single or non-branded platform. This will improve the emotional link and will connect the alumni better. Vidyalaya thus provides a school alumni management software platform that is designed exclusively for alumni. 

  1. One-stop solution for storing alumni data

Recording alumni entries in spreadsheets or paper files is a time-consuming task that can prone to the risk of errors. Also, retrieval of data is a cumbersome task whenever needed as finding a record among the thousands of alumni. Vidyalaya overcomes these issues by enabling the school management to store and retrieve data from centralized storage. The user-friendly UI of the school alumni management software will help the personnel to enter and update the records with less overhead. The software will help the institute to publish analysed statistics of the alumni that will improve the creditability. 

School management can fetch batch/year/course-wise data reports within few clicks. The organized data will help the institute to show that institution is supporting its students even after they completed their course. This can help to increase the chances of applications from the students who desire the same kind of actions in the future. 

Your alumni are your valuable assets. They represent your educational institute, your values, in front of the entire world. In this digitalized era, it is easy to stay connected with alumni, and Vidyalaya’s school alumni management system offers this provision to establish a nurturing relationship with your legacy runners even after their passing out. Installing a system on the campus will turn out to be a wise investment by looking at the benefits it incurs. Vidyalaya promises to enhance the relationship and take it to the next level with its features-filled school alumni management software.

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