6 Popular Tourist Attractions to Explore in Manchester

Tourist Attractions in Manchester

Manchester is a beautiful city and a renowned center for media, education, arts, and culture in England. It comprises the fifth-largest population at 547,627, and it lies within the second populous urban area in the UK. Today, the city is a commercial and cultural capital of Lancashire, featuring around eight municipalities and around five million people live here. Manchester has been introduced with plenty of initiatives like the Castlefield project and the museum with a complex on Liverpool Road. 

Tourists will find several great shops and get a wide range of retail shops, including the charming stores in St. Anne’s Square, the Royal Exchange, and King Street. In addition, there are extensive market halls of Bolton Arcade where you can buy interesting stuff. Besides, the city offers great entertainment and sports facilities for visitors and gives them an unforgettable experience. If you are a music lover, head to the Opera House to see the mind-blowing music and theatrical performances. 

To learn more about the popular tourist attractions to explore in Manchester, go through the detailed travel guide. 

1. Castlefield

Castlefield is a top-rated place to explore in Manchester, also considered an Urban Heritage Park. Tourists can stroll around the beautifully restored Victorian houses through the Roman Fort. While you are here, make sure to discover the Bridgewater Canal built in 1761 for coal transportation from the Worsley mines to the city. Many old warehouses have now transformed into offices, hotels, restaurants, and shops. 

One of the popular activities to do is taking a boat tour and witnessing the charming scenes of the city. The site’s main highlights include Castlefield Art Gallery for the interesting exhibitions of modern art and Bridgewater Hall, featuring amazing concerts and the Halle Orchestra performances. Moreover, the site also hosts pop and classical music concerts, which are worth watching. In short, music lovers will love the place more than anyone can do. 

2. Imperial War Museum North

Imperial War Museum North (IWM North) is also a great place to visit in Manchester. If you are a history lover or have a keen interest in the history of warfare, this place will offer plenty of interesting things. It was first established in 2002, and since then, it became very popular for exhibiting an extensive collection of fighting vehicles and aircraft. Moreover, the display of fighting vehicles includes tanks, artillery, and handheld weaponry. 

Today, the historic site is home to the cultural center and the MediaCity development, standing opposite the museum located at Salford Quays. It also occupies a place facing over the Manchester Ship Canal located on Trafford Wharf Road. The site’s main highlights include audiovisual presentations and exhibitions of warfare’s history and its part in forming a civilization. After exploring the museum, you can stop at the cafe or a shop located on the museum’s premises. 

3. Chinatown

Chinatown belongs to Britain’s greatest Chinese communities which is colorful and looks jaw-dropping even from a far distance. It is one of the royal and lavishly decorated gateways leading into the district. There are plenty of unique shops and restaurants offering a wide range of cuisine from Hong Kong and Beijing. If you are a shopper, you can check out the Chinese handicrafts and artworks at the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art. 

It is the second-greatest Chinatown in the United Kingdom and Europe’s third-largest. It features a passage on Faulkner Street, and its construction was finished in 1987. In addition, you will find an extraordinary number of Malaysian, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Nepali, and Singaporean restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, and unique shops. Ping Hong is the first Chinese restaurant that opened in Manchester in 1948, and since its opening, people in large numbers came to the restaurant. So, book your tickets and get ready to explore the beauty and wilderness of Manchester with your naked eyes. 

4. Science and Industry Museum

The Science and Industry Museum is one of the oldest railroad stations featuring twelve art galleries. It includes a Power Hall surrounded by water and machines dating back to the glorifying age of the cloth industry. You can also see the vintage cars made in Manchester, including a rare and gorgeous Rolls Royce of 1904. Moreover, the site represents significant history from classical times through the Industrial Revolution to the contemporary age. 

The Air and Space Gallery demonstrates several historic aircraft, including a copy of Triplane 1 by A.V. Roe. He was the first successful British to fly the plane. If you come here in August, you can also attend the Manchester Science Festival and learn valuable things like climate change. You can book your entry tickets in advance for free of cost and spend a nice day trip with your family or kids. 

5. Manchester Cathedral

Manchester Cathedral was formally the Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St. Mary, St.George, and St. Denny from 1422 to 1506. The church was constructed from 1486 to 1508, along with additional alterations in almost every following century. The cultural site raised its cathedral status in 1847, and it sits on the banks of the River Irwell. The mother church is located on Victoria Street in the city center of Manchester. Its beautiful chapels look stunning and are placed on both sides of the choir. Some of the choir stalls beautifully glare with misericords in the United kingdom. 

St. John’s Chapel is the only chapel of the Manchester Regiment, and the little Lady Chapel is from 1440. The octagonal chapterhouse was constructed in 1465, and it features a wide range of murals featuring a Christ figure in a contemporary dress. There are around 15 churches and cathedrals in the city, and you must explore at least one or two during your trip.

6. Manchester Art Gallery

The Manchester Art Gallery displays the greatest art collections outside of London, including legendary pre-Raphaelites. It also includes the artifacts of French impressionists like Monet, Manet, and Gauguin and German artists like Max Ernst. There is some amazing stuff from widely popular English artists like Stubbs, Turner, and Constable. Visitors can see the fabulous collection of sculptures and works by Jacob Epstein, Henry Moore, Rodin, and Maillol.

If you wish to see more collections of arts and culture, head to Manchester’s International Center, which is very famous for its visual arts and unconventional films. It is situated at 70 Oxford Street and hosts amazing performances in music and comedy. Book your Airlines tickets from the official site and find an escape from the ordinary lives to the paradise Manchester.

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