Find Top 6 Ways To Pet-proof Your Plumbing


Everyone loves pets; these bundles of joy are full of surprises and keep your emotional burden at bay. Having these cute little goofy furballs around is one of the most desirable things one wishes. But this could invite a lot of trouble when it comes to plumbing services for general maintenance.

After years of experience, our Plumber hints at some potential problems that are induced because of pets.

Here are some suggestions that would help you to pet-proof the plumbing facets of your house. It would also keep your pets safe in ways that you might have overlooked or not recognized yet.

You would be surprised to know that this might be the reason that your pet is falling sick or has a bad stomach. This way, it would be mutually beneficial for plumbing emergencies and your pet.

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Here are some things that you should take care about the pet:

1. Drain Stoppers Are The Saver

The first and the foremost problem that is experienced by almost every pet owner is clogging or blocked drains the pet’s hair. Unlike human hair, the pet’s hair is thicker and coarser.

It increases the chances of clogging the drains. The drain stoppers at various places. Hhere you often bathe your pet would dodge. The chances of draining down the pet hair along with the soap water.

2. Consider Outdoor Bathe

To eliminate the plumbing issue, it is all about developing the habits that would aid to avoid the problem in the first place. You indeed would need the drain stoppers but bathing the pets in some outdoor area of the home would eliminate the chance of getting the pet hairs in the drain.

It would also give a good outdoor time with your pet enjoying the bath and play while drying the pet.

3. Ensure Availability Of Drinking Water All The Time

Sometimes when you are busy, the water source of the pet may run dry, and they would seek other sources of water in the house. One place they would always find water without failing is the toilet bowl.

Yes, you heard it right; if you have never thought of it yet, please do. Pets tend to drink the water from the toilet bowl if they do not find it in their water source.

It would quench their thirst for sure but would also increase the possibility of falling sick. It is a no brainer given the purpose of the toilet bowl. So make sure that the source of water is clean and has water in it always.

You can also consider having a backup source of water at different parts of the home and make the pet aware of them.

This would keep them away from drinking the water from unhygienic places like the toilet bowl, which brings us to another important facet that you need to consider when pet-proofing plumbing.

4. Ensure To Close Toilet Lid

One of the healthy habits that you would find worth developing is closing the lid of the toilet after using it every single time. This would keep the pets away from drinking the water from the toilet even if they could not find water anywhere else in the house.

You can have peace of mind even if you are not there to watch your pet.

5. Keep Off The Dog From Digging

One of the things that you must nip in the bud is your pets’ passion for digging or just digging around the pipes. It is a fact that pets love to dig.

This does not end up well most of the time as they end up damaging things that could lead to expensive or irreparable damage. One such facet is the damage to the waterline due to pets’ digging habits.

6. Protect Exposed Pipes

We are all aware of the fact that pets seem to have a high level of curiosity for some objects like shoes, slippers, tissues, and more. One such object is an exposed pipe.

They would have a playful time with the exposed pipe by scratching, biting, chewing it until they end up damaging it. It can also injure the pet in the worst ways.

Leave the rest on the Emergency plumbing service,

The Plumber Hoppers Crossing would assist you with the damage repairs along with more suggestions to pet-proof the plumbing.

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