A Beginners Guide To Pranayama

Prana means breath that sustains the body; Ayama means “to extend or draw out.” Together, the word “Pranayama” means breath extension or control. In its most accessible structure, pranayama is simply profound breathing. Indeed, we can make it specialized by utilizing just a single nostril, shutting our throats, or adding breath maintenance. It is still essentially air entering and leaving […]

How To Fight With Stress

“Stress” is the evolutionarily determined response to internal or external factors that require immediate intervention by the body. The state of stress mobilizes a large amount of energy to improve performance for a short period of time (Selye, 1930). Usually this activation is reduced when the causes are removed and the body can quickly return to a state of normality. […]

Food Plan To Finally Get Six Pack Abs!

DO YOU NEED ONLY AB EXERCISES FOR YOUR ABS? Many people make the mistake of only doing ab exercises, such as crunches and sit-ups, when they want to define the abdominal muscles. The secret to eliminating the layer of fat covering the abdomen is doing total-body exercises like push-ups, burpee, squat, lunge, and plank, which help to reinforce all the […]

Do Asthma Patients Have A Risk Of Suffering From A Heart Attack?

If you have dropped by here to read this article then it is most probable that you are suffering from asthma and want to know the relation between asthma and heart attack. At first, it may look that there is nothing common between the two but unlike what you think there is a unique and strange relationship between the two. […]