Do Asthma Patients Have A Risk Of Suffering From A Heart Attack?

Asthma Patients

Are you suffering from asthma? Do you want to know the relation between asthma and heart attack.

At first, it may look that there is nothing common between the two. But unlike what you think there is a unique and strange relationship between the two.

Asthma is one of the increasing and common respiratory disorders. It is increasing globally at an alarming rate. People of all ages from small kids to elderly people can fall victims to this respiratory disorder.

Asthma attacks your respiratory system. A heart attack occurs due to problems in the cardiovascular system.

According to research information and lots of analysis, it has been found that 60% of the patients suffering from asthma have a chance of suffering from a heart attack over a long period. It seems quite obvious that with such a high percentage there seems to be a connection between the two.

To control your asthma it is important to use inhalers.

The other revelation is even more shocking. People currently facing asthma symptoms in their daily lives are more prone to suffering from a heart attack.

Is there any particular way to establish a relationship between asthma and heart attack?

Asthma is a disease or correctly said it is an immunological disorder. In patients suffering from asthma, there is an unnecessary and excessive allergic and immune response of the immune system. It is because encountering certain allergens in the environment.

It can be because the airways immune system overreacts by constricting the airways. Breathing difficulty is thus common in the person who is suffering from asthma symptoms.

As a result, they suffer from various types of asthma symptoms. These may be wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing, tightness of the chest, breathing difficulty, etc. These asthma symptoms can indeed increase the risk of a cardiac arrest.  

How can asthma symptoms give rise to a heart attack?

It is because when a person is suffering from asthma symptoms as difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath, and coughing they are essentially taking in less air.

This means that there is less air going into the lungs. Less oxygen reaching the heart because of this. Due to the increased demand for oxygen from our body cells, the heart has to beat at a faster rate to keep sufficient flow of oxygen to the cells for respiration.

And such an increased heartbeat is what often triggers a heart attack.

Those persons who have some sort of heart problems or they had a stroke or a heart attack in the past are more prone to such a catastrophic consequence.

To avoid this you need to cure your asthma at the beginning stage. Use inhaler regularly to check the severity of the asthma attacks. Use it to prevent unnecessary asthma attacks and to reduce their frequency.

How to avoid the chances of a heart attack from your current state of asthma condition?

You need to get the right treatment for asthma from a very early stage so that you do not let asthma become severe over the years.

Most of the time it is seen that asthma conditions have worsened over the years due to neglecting by the patient itself. Get yourself into a consultation with the doctor and find out the right treatment of asthma such as the use of medications, nebulizers, and inhalers such as the Asthalin Inhaler.

Use your inhalers or medicines regularly at the right dose every day and make sure to check your frequency of asthma attacks.

Also if you are already suffering from some form of heart disease then keep taking the medicines for heart disease as well. Keep in constant touch with the doctor.

‘I am suffering from asthma, will I surely have a heart attack in the future’?

In most cases where the patient is suffering from mild or intermittent asthma the chances of having a heart attack are significantly low.

But with people suffering from severe asthma, there is a slight chance that not getting proper treatment or a cure can cause a heart attack in the future.  In cases where an asthma patient is also suffering from some sort of heart disease, the chances are the highest among all cases.

How to get proper asthma treatment?

The best way is an early-stage cure for asthma using a inhaler. The use of inhalers such as regular inhalers and rescue inhalers should be done in the right way.

Consult your doctor before using an inhaler and finding out the perfect dose for asthma.

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