5 Best Activewear Fabrics To Consider For Workout

best fabrics for workout clothes

Sometimes, having the right workout material is as important as having workout equipment. Some activewear has the features you need most for your intense workout session. Activewear is made to support you during the workout and it depends upon the fabric response for getting the best results. You have to carefully choose your active wear so that you don’t need to change them frequently. It depends on the quality of the fabric for getting the best outcomes. Don’t expect every fabric to work for your active wear and some can be a hindrance rather than helpful. 

Five important qualities of active wear

1. Moisture wicking and breath ability

When you are doing an intense workout, you are going to sweat. Even sometimes you sweat a lot. In such circumstances, you need to have quality moisture-wicking fabric for your excessive sweating. Choose a breathable material and moisture wicking to remain dry, cool, and comfortable throughout your workout session. Effortless breathability helps you reduce the growth of bacteria on your activewear.

2. Durability

The right material ensures durability and long-lasting garments. Activewear made of high quality is less likely to wear and tear than you would like. The right combination of high-quality materials will support you in stretching and the stress you have during your workout session.

3. Staying comfortable

Comfort is important for successful workout goals. It’s no fun that your shorts are falling or your pant is pinching during your HIIT workout. You must have comfy shorts or yoga pants to stay active during a workout session.

4. Protection

If you like to work in outdoor areas, your activewear must protect you from harmful elements outside. For example, a thermal shirt can protect you from the heat outside and can keep you cool during your skiing, and keep you warm the whole day.

5. Mobility and flexibility

Your activewear must help you move and breathe during your workout or exercise time. Activewear made of high quality is as important as workout equipment and should be stretchy enough that it does not compress or restrict in any manner. For example, an overly tight bra will not support you best and it should be high quality to give you comfort and breathability during exercise.

Opt Activewear made from these materials

1. Bamboo 

This is a natural plant-based fabric that is soft, comfortable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking and the favorite activewear in the world. It can also protect you from UV rays. There are many garments made from this fabric such as yoga pants, active-wear tops, and sweatpants. It is especially popular for those who prefer a more Eco-conscious lifestyle because it is natural and biodegradable on the skin.

2. Nylon

It is a strong and synthetic material that is popular in activewear. It is known best for its stretching abilities and also has some moisture-wicking properties which make it a popular fabric for workouts and exercises.

3. Spandex

Spandex is found in various active-wear due to its super stretchy qualities including skinny jeans and leggings due to its super-elastic qualities. With its rubber band ability and heat resistance, spandex is found in various activewear because of its capacity to expand and reshape back to its shape. 

4. Cotton

Cotton fabric is comfortable, light, and airy. This can use as natural fabric or can blend with other fabrics to use as active-wear. Clothing made from 100% cotton is great for outdoor activities and uses some extra breathability. Cotton is moisture-wicking if you are expecting to sweat a lot.

5. Polyester

It is a breathable, lightweight, and durable fabric. This is common in active-wear such as running jackets, and sweatpants and activewear are of a polyester blend. It is a fast-drying material for high-intensity workouts.


Activewear is the most needed fabric for everyday living. Bamboo, nylon, cotton, polyester, and some other fabrics are great for increasing your sports performance. You have to ensure that your fabric is great for supporting you in protecting you from the heated environment and safeguarding you from the heat generated through an intense workout. Buy the best active-wear online these days.

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