6 Reasons A Customer Wants To Buy Your Product

Buy Your Product

Customers are every company’s biggest asset. You, your workers, and your entire organization work to appease and convince your customers. Your every strategy – be it marketing, sales, advertorial, or customer service or so on – is planned keeping in mind the preferences and needs of your customers.

Customers get what they need – either from you or from your competitor. But, the question is why do customers choose to buy your product? Which aspects make your product better than that of your rivals? What is it that makes a product or service a must buy? Here are top seven reasons.

1. Price

Today’s customer is a smart customer. They know how to leverage technology to get the best deal for their requirement. Earlier, being unaware of the competition, the customer had no other choice but to pay high charges for their requirement.

Working with internet and internet enabled devices helps customers to increase their awareness about pricing trends and brands. Today, the customer knows which brand is better in terms of quality and pricing. Even if they are buying from a retail store, then also, some online research about which brand to choose is involved before buying. Consider this: 88 percent of US consumers research products online to buy in-store.

Price is the first thing a customer wants to know about your product. If your prices are higher and quality is below-par or at-par in comparison to that of your competition, there are chances that your customer will prefer not buying from you.

2. Immediate Requirement

Imagine cooking your last meal before a long holiday. Would you really go to the market and buy fruits, veggies and other items to stock your refrigerator? Not really!!

In most such cases, people prefer ordering food online, so there is nothing rotting in their kitchen when they return from vacation. And even if they want to have home-cooked food, they wouldn’t really buy for the whole coming week/month.

Let’s say: You hit the nearby supermarket to buy your favorite energy drink. But its stock has ended a couple of hours back.

So, you, the customer will most probably buy another brand, offering a good deal.

The idea is, if there is an immediate requirement, the customer will buy what he needs – whether or not it is the brand he trusts.

As a brand, you need to ensure that you are available in-stock online and offline, always. You gotta be there when your consumers need you.

3. Convenience

A large number of people buy in bulk to get discounted rates. However, bigger always isn’t better.

There are many who buy small quantities, that are attractively packaged and easy-to-carry. Characteristically, customers do not have to pay a big amount to buy these products.

You have convinced your audience to buy your product through your marketing. Wonderful. But, if your product is only available in large packaging, a first time buyer will hesitate buying and trying your product.

There is another glitch associated with bulk buying. If a customer is buying, say, some food item that comes with a strict date of expiry, and if it is not consumed before that date, it is a waste. Such customers find smaller packages of their favorite brand a great convenience.

As a business, you should also focus on designing/manufacturing products that are available in smaller quantities to meet the requirements of different audiences. Make your product or service available in varying quantities and flexible packages. This way, you will gradually gain attention from diverse buyer groups.

4. Quality

No matter how attractive your offer is, or how old or renowned your name in the market is, the quality of your product matters. Quality matters, believe it or not!

The quality of your product helps improve customer retention, build trust, and eventually boost ROI.

To see your product doing well in the market, you will need to add and maintain quality. When we are talking about quality – it should not be just in your product, but also in your customer service. You will need to make sure that the quality of your product, your customer support, and after-sales service is better than your competitors’.

Setting up a customer support process is inevitable. It makes your customers happy. If they are unsatisfied with your product, they know that their issues will be addressed at your customer support desk.

Ensuring quality customer service helps a brand build trust and recognition. It will create a loyal customer base.

5. Online Presence

About 89% of businesses have plans for introducing digital transformation. If your brand does not have an online presence, it is time. Make your products available on your website or at leading eCommerce websites. Establishing an online shop enables your customers to directly buy from you. It adds to the convenience you offer them. Not only does this exercise boost your sales, it also brings you closer to your audience.

Not every product can be sold online. If you have such a business model, it would then be wise to have an online presence, such as website, social network – so your audience and customers can gain knowledge about your products and service.

Apart from this, social media facilitates quick, direct conversations between the customer and the company. It strengthens your brand’s visibility, and increases online customer engagement and salability of your product.

6. Amiable Staff

No one wants to buy from someone who is ill-mouthed or not interested. Customers do not want to visit showrooms that have unfriendly people working there.

Friendly people make a great hire for your sales and marketing team. They are the ones your customers feel comfortable talking to. They are also the ones that bring the highest number of sales to your business.

Make sure that your staff members have a strong hold on communication skills and are always keen to help customers. They should be trained well to deliver quality service and deal with angry customers. Arrange periodic training programs to train and make your staff aware of the standard customer service procedures.

At no point of time, a customer should feel neglected or ignored. If it happens, there are fewer chances that he will return to you.

If you have a friendly staff to help customers with their queries and concerns, it is a plus side of buying your product from customer standpoint.


Give your customer rock-solid reasons as to why they should buy from you. Set a high standard in every aspect of doing business. Be it the quality of your product, packaging, price, or customer support you deliver – everything should be unique and most importantly, better than that of your competition. Stay open to listening what your customers are trying to say about or expect from your product. When customers feel valued, they will buy from you and return to buy from you again.

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