5 Common Reasons Of Car Wrecks: Do’s and Don’ts


Car wrecks may cause severe injuries. If you were not at fault, then you are entitled to get compensation for the damages done. The rules and laws dealing with car wrecks vary from state to state.

Reasons Of Car Wrecks

In the United States, each day, a lot of accidents get reported. These accidents mainly involve car wrecks which sometimes can lead to severe injuries and even death. 

Mainly, the car wrecks involve someone else’s carelessness, and people are often confused about what to do or what not to do. The injuries caused due to the fault of other drivers are usually entitled to get compensation for the damages.

The faulty driver will be on the hook for the damages and injuries resulting from the accident in any car wreck. Online insurance company will cover most of the injury claims arising from the accident.

Common reasons for car wrecks:

There can’t be any certainty for care wrecks. These can happen anytime and to anyone. But some of the common causes of accidents that could be avoided include:

1. Distracted Driving

It’s the most common cause of car wrecks. Most people do other things while driving. That’s why they are unable to focus on driving. The research of the American Automobile Association, Traffic Safety Division, says that between 25-50% of car accidents have distracted driving cases.

Distracted driving may include using a cell phone, texting, driver fatigue, looking at the scenery, adjusting the radio, cassette, or CD player, reading books, maps, newspapers,s or any other documents, driver fatigue, etc. Click here to know more about car wrecks and distracted driving.

2. Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is another common cause of accidents. Often people drink and drive, so they remain partially attentive while going. According to the NHTSA reports, 32% of traffic fatalities are caused due to drunk drivers.

3. Speeding

One of the deadliest factors in car accidents includes speeding. Due to speeding, the driver may not be able to control the car in emergencies. Hence it is advised to stay within the speed limits and avoid the car wreck.

4. Aggressive driving

Driving in a manner that can become a threat to anyone is aggressive driving. 

Aggressive driving may include unlawful or unsafe driving speeds, inattentive driving, driving under the influence, failure to follow traffic rules, following unsafe distance, hazardous lane changes.

5. Inclement Weather

Weather can also be a cause of accidents or car wrecks. Driving during heavy rain, snow, hail, high winds, fog can lead to accidents, so it’s advisable not to drive during bad weather.

What to do after a car wreck?

1. Stop Immediately

As soon as the car wrecks, take the car to the side of the road or somewhere safe and stop. But don’t move beyond the scene of the accident. If you cannot operate the car safely to pull it over, don’t try it.

2. Ensure everyone is safe

Get out of the car and check that everyone involved in the accident is safe. If anyone needs emergency help, call 911. Ensure everyone is hot in immediate danger. Provide any reasonable assistance to get proper medical care.

In any accident, whether it be a construction accident, truck accident, workplace injuries, or any other, it’s essential to seek medical assistance first.

3. Exchange information and call the police

After ensuring that everyone is safe in the accident, exchange information with the other driver and anyone involved in the accident. Ask for their names, addresses, phone numbers, vehicle registration numbers. You are then required to call the police, and the police will file a report on the accident.

You can also take photographs of the accident scene and use them as evidence.

4. Contact your Insurance Agency and An Accident lawyer

The police file the accident report. Contact your insurance provider and notify them about the details of the accident so that the claim process can begin.

Then consult an accident attorney, who will help you in the claim process and let you know the legal steps.

What to not do after an accident?

There are certain things you need to not do after the accident, as it will become a hindrance in the claim process, and the items may go against you:

  • Don’t move your car
  • Don’t stay too much at the accident scene
  • Also, don’t sign any paper
  • Don’t give any statement


Car wrecks may cause severe injuries. If you were not at fault, then you are entitled to get compensation for the damages done. The rules and laws dealing with car wrecks vary from state to state. However, there are some common laws that each state has to abide by. But before claiming, you must know what to do after a car wreck and under what circumstances you can file the claim.

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