Know About Top 5 Types of Tooth Removal


An overview:

Tooth removal is not a simple and easy procedure. It involves a number of things that are necessary in order to ensure success. There are things to consider when taking tooth removal for your tooth problem. Some of these things are elaborated in this article.

Why tooth removal should be done by dentist?

The process of tooth removal can take different forms. The tooth removal can be done by a dentist or it can also be done at home. When it comes to the dentist, you can get various kinds of extractions that he can perform on you. These extractions include the root canal extractions and abscessed tooth extractions. The procedure that is done by the dentist is not only safe, it is also very effective.

Tooth Removal

Ways of tooth removal

1. Treating decay :

The most common type of tooth removal that people undergo is a root canal. The decay needs to be treated before the infection spreads to other teeth and the roots. The infection spreads if there is no treatment for the decaying teeth. There are many types of root canals that one can undergo such as maxillofacial, endodontic, and gingival.

2. Bleeding & swelling :

The second procedure after tooth extraction is bleeding or swelling after the treatment. Most of the time, this swelling or bleeding is associated with the jaw being sore or too sensitive. This can be a sign that the treatment was successful. However, bleeding or swelling might also be caused by something else such as a minor infection. You can determine this through a series of tests.

3. Tooth extraction :

Another common tooth removal procedure is a simple extraction or tooth extraction. This is done when the tooth is showing signs of infection or if there are just bits and pieces of bone remaining. The dentist will remove the pieces and remove the socket. For an adult, a simple extraction can be done in less than half an hour.

4. Anotomy :

This is the surgery of the tooth abscess which is filled with fluids and is removed through the jaw. It is a painful procedure because it involves making an incision and removing the infected tissue. It can cause swelling and some amount of pain but you can expect this to go away after about a week.

5. Dental bridges :

Dental bridges are used when a patient requires extra support for one or both of their teeth. This is done when there are not enough room for them to fully develop. They are installed between the two remaining teeth to fill in the gap. It is a very common tooth removal procedure as they can be very useful for those who have teeth that are in need of extra support.

Tooth Removal

Why root canal is so popular?

Root canals are one of the easiest tooth removal procedures that can be done. It is also one of the most painless ones. Roots canals are usually recommended for patients who need something to rest their jaws on while the dentist works on the teeth. Root canals are very effective because the dentist can insert a small camera into the canal to see what the root canal is cleaning.

Process : 

  • Before having this procedure, the dentist will probably use local anesthetic. The dentist will numb the gums first before extracting the tooth.  The dentist will then give you some nitrous oxide and put you in a reclining chair.
  • When the dentist is performing the procedure, he will put a rubber ring over your tongue so that you won’t feel anything. This prevents you from barking or talking when the process is being performed. The procedure is normally performed under general anesthetic. If the oral surgeon needs to do so, he may need to use local anesthetic as well.
  • The gums will bleed during the procedure, and sometimes they will be very bright red. This is normal and means that the tooth decay has been removed. You will be able to eat normally after this, but it’s important to follow the advice of your dentist if you have any pain after the operation. If the bleeding is too much, you should call your doctor immediately.

Now, that you have understood the procedure you must be thinking of booking a professional for tooth removal.

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