Stones You Should Never Wear Together

Stones You Should Never Wear Together

The world of gemstones is just as scientific and technical as any other. The potency and hidden powers of gemstones that have the potential to change anyone’s life are the subject of incessant investigation and theory-making by gemologists and astrologers. Each gemstone has a strong astrological correlation with a planet, a Zodiac sign, and a specific month.

Astrologers frequently advise people to wear gemstones to improve the quality of all or some difficult elements of their lives. The impact and intensity of gemstone results can be great and rapid when individuals wear one or more gemstones. But because gemstones are full of powerful and metamorphic energy, wearing two gemstones at once can occasionally throw a wearer’s life for a loop due to the clashing energies of the two stones. It can negatively impact relationships, professions, finances, and many other facets of life.

It is wise for anybody to know which gemstones to avoid wearing together in order to avoid incurring the wrath of gemstones with competing energies.

Avoid Wearing Multiple Gemstones Together

Sapphire and Ruby

Ruby and blue sapphires are the top two items on our list of gemstones you should never wear together. Those familiar with the fundamentals of astrology are aware that the planet Sun rules an original manik stone, while the planet Saturn has a strong connection to blue sapphires.

The Sun and Saturn are adversary planets in Vedic astrology, thus wearing these two gemstones together might cause enormous havoc in your life that will be more than difficult for you to resolve. Therefore, always be careful not to wear blue sapphire and rubies together.

Diamonds with Yellow Sapphires

Avoiding the pairing of diamonds and yellow sapphire is also advised when choosing gemstones. The planet Venus governs diamonds, whereas Jupiter is closely associated with original pukhraj stones. Venus represents wealth, extravagance, and luxury, while Jupiter represents intelligence, sagacity, and wisdom. 

Venus, on the other hand, views Jupiter as an enemy planet and places significant barriers in the way of a wearer’s quest for wisdom and understanding. Additionally, it can also develop a number of serious illnesses. Therefore, it is imperative to refrain from wearing diamonds and yellow sapphire gemstones together to protect oneself from the terrible consequences of the collision between two enormous energies of two powerful gemstones.

Emeralds with Red Coral

According to Indian Vedic astrology, emerald is connected to Mercury and red coral to Mars. Astrologically speaking, Mars and Mercury are incompatible. Astrologically speaking, it’s usually suggested against wearing jewels ruled by incompatible planets together. If emerald offers a calming, balancing effect, red coral is thought to give the wearer more energy and vitality. 

The relaxing qualities of emerald and the active qualities of coral may not mix well when worn together. Astrologers occasionally issue warnings that mixing gemstones and crystals can lessen their healing properties. If you wear emerald and red coral together, you could not get the full benefits of each stone.

Blue sapphire and pearls

The Moon rules pearls, while Saturn rules blue sapphire. In astrology, the Moon and Saturn are opposing energies that seldom cooperate. When they wear their stones together, it can cause internal conflict. Blue sapphires provide an elevating and grounding influence, while pearl stones give a soothing, cold energy. It can feel exhausting or disruptive to combine these opposing frequencies.

It’s said that wearing blue sapphire and pearls next to each other can lessen their respective advantages. When combined, the strong blue sapphire energy may overwhelm the calm pearl energy. Pearls open the Crown chakra, which is associated with spirituality, while blue sapphires open the Throat chakra, which is associated with truth and clarity.


Any person would be wise to know which gemstones to avoid wearing together and why, as this will help them avoid confronting the anger of gemstones with clashing energies. One can have a complete grasp of competing gemstones and educate loved ones about it, helping them from making the same mistakes, by going more into the issue of gemstones to avoid wearing them together.

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