Everything About Raw Green Beans & 7 Amazing Benefits

Raw Green Beans

Gathered for its seeds or juvenile units, green beans are by and large filled in vegetable nurseries. Its long units have kidney-molded roots that can change in shading. Low in calories, this vegetable impeccably fits light arrangements and is effectively incorporated into a rich and adjusted eating routine. Likewise, this characteristic of thinning has numerous nourishing properties.

Origin of Raw Green Beans

The green bean is a vegetable mainly consumed in Africa in the Great Lakes region, particularly in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. However, it is essential to know its origin.

Where Do Green Beans Come From?

This green vegetable is native to South America. Christopher Columbus introduced it in Europe, where its dry grains become a staple food for frequent travelers. Towards the end of the 18th century, it was eaten as a tender pod in southern Italy. Some beans are green, and some are yellow. There are two varieties of green beans:

  • Kidney beans;
  • Row beans or climbing varieties.
  • The growth of this annual plant is rapid.

What are the Vegetables To Eat Raw?

To preserve the nutrients in some vegetables, they should be eaten raw.

Vegetables to eat raw are:

  • Broccoli ;
  • The onions ;
  • Garlic;
  • Red peppers;
  • Kale;
  • The beets.

Composition of Raw Green Beans

Raw green beans are packed with exciting and healthy nutritional benefits. Their husk is a source of flavonoids, tannins, pectins, and cellulosic fibres.

What Vitamins Do Raw Green Beans Contain?

Although they taste bitter, raw green beans contain several nutrients. They contain vitamins A, C, and K. Also, they are a good source of fibre, magnesium, antioxidants, and potassium. Their folate intake is also impressive.

How Many Calories in Raw Green Beans?

Raw green beans are low in calories, as 100 g of these vegetables contain only 31 kcal. Here are the nutritional values ​​corresponding to each nutrient per 100 g of raw green beans:

What Season for Raw Green Beans?

When sowing, harvesting, and consuming green beans, it is essential to choose the ideal period.

How To Sow Green Beans?

It is advisable to choose a temperate zone to cultivate these plants. For sowing, favour warmed soil. You have the choice between sowing in pockets or rows. Leave a space of at least 80 cm between seedlings for row beans. As soon as they emerge, plant the oars. Once the beans have risen 15 cm, perform the hoeing and hilling. The period may vary depending on each sowing method.

As these plants do not appreciate humidity, avoid watering them abundantly. Also, specific attacks of bacteria can affect them.

When To Eat Green Beans?

You can eat green beans from April to October. They can be eaten hot or cold.

Benefits of Raw Green Beans

Green beans have several health benefits, especially when eaten raw.

What are The Benefits of Raw Green Beans?

Raw green beans are full of many health benefits.

They prevent cardiovascular disease: their high potassium content helps prevent cardiovascular disease and strengthens the body’s organs. Also, their soluble fibre improves heart health. Rich in magnesium, they also help regulate blood pressure.

1. Slimming Ally:

These foods are low in calories. Thanks to their fibres, they also provide a feeling of satiety.

2. Prevent Diabetes:

Consuming them can treat type 2 diabetes. Thanks to their great protein and fibre content, they are highly recommended for people with diabetes by dieticians. The pod of the green bean has a husk that slows the absorption of sugar.

3. Slow Down Ageing:

Rich in vitamin A, and they have anti-ageing properties that delay skin ageing.

4. Treat Constipation:

Thanks to their fibres, they effectively treat episodes of constipation.

5. Improve Eyesight:

Their vitamins A and C provide antioxidants that optimise eye health and protect against infections.

6. Prevent Cancer:

They contain an agent that prevents the development of carcinogenic cells. Rich in vitamin C, they reduce the risk of cancers of the stomach, oesophagus, and colon. Consume them raw to better benefit from their virtues. Also, they prevent kidney stones. Fildena 100mg, Super P Force is the best treatment for male impotence or erectile dysfunction?

7. Promote The Development of the Fetus:

Thanks to their folate, they help new cells to develop, especially the fetus.

Are Fresh Green Beans Good For You?

Rich in potassium, fresh green beans improve blood circulation. Also, they have great content of vitamins and iron and thus help to maintain good health. Thanks to their pod, green beans are highly recommended for people with diabetes. However, like rhubarb, they contain oxalic acid, which has a harmful effect.

How To Freeze and Store Raw Green Beans?

Raw green beans can be stored in the refrigerator for a week. However, they should be blanched for a few minutes before storing them and opt for freezer varieties.

Danger and Contraindications

Although raw green beans have many benefits, they do have some contraindications.

Contraindications Related To Raw Green Beans

Although green beans are part of the legume (Fabaceae) family and contain fiber and protein, over consumption can cause gas and bloat. If eaten raw, green beans can also cause severe stomach upset since they have phaseolin, a proteinaceous agent. Also, they contain lectins, substances that bind red blood cells. Solanaceae such as potatoes also contain a toxic substance called solanine, which can be destroyed by cooking.

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