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Visit In Birmingham

Birmingham is the second-largest city in Britain. This beautiful city was once known for its industrialization, but now, it is known for all of its beautiful attraction spots. If you love to travel and explore new places, Birmingham is the right place for you to visit at least once. The city is a deep well of many historical adventures and contemporary sites o visit. Once in Birmingham, you will be confused about what to visit and drop since the time here is never enough. So, to make your task easy, we have jotted down 7 of the must-visit tourist spots of Birmingham for you. 

Victoria Square is situated in the heart of Birmingham. One can explore this path from the city center path. Victoria Square and the City Center hold a beautifully sculpted river and an auditorium known as Symphony Hall. Many great artists perform at this auditorium regularly. There are two memorials at Victoria Square. The first one is dedicated to Queen Victoria. Thomas Brock built it in 1901.

However, the other memorial is dedicated to James Watt. The Queen Victoria memorial, however, was recast by William Bloye in Bronze. These two memorials are the main attractions of Victoria Square. If you want to visit Birmingham, you can book a flight by contacting Telefono de volaris.

1. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery were built-in 1885. This museum is one of the finest museums in Britain. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery hold many artifacts and sculptures that take you back to the history of Birmingham. It has coins, paintings, and other historical findings of Birmingham from the late 17th to early 19th century. This is a place to must visit if you are into history and if exploring it excites you. 

2. Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Are you a nature lover? Do you love to have moments of peace when you are on vacation? If the answer to these questions is a yes, you must go and visit the Botanical Gardens of Birmingham. This garden holds a collection of bonsai and rear species of tropical birds. This beautiful site will bring you closer to nature and will let you take those deep relaxing breaths away from your city life. 

3. Cadbury World

For every chocolate lover, it is like a dream to visit a chocolate factory. Well, you can live this dream if you plan to visit Birmingham. The Cadbury World is a place for everyone. Cadbury World promises visitors on their self-guided tours by making chocolates with expert rides for children and many other fun activities. You can actually see the making of your favorite Cadbury chocolate here. This is a magic land one must visit.

4. ThinkTank, Birmingham Sciene Museum

If you are interested in science and have an eye for scientific discoveries and adventures, this is the place for you. The science museum in Birmingham, named ThnkTank, lets you experience an interactive tour and science exhibits. The museum has everything: cars, heavy chocolate-making machinery, steam engines, locomotives, and even aircraft.  This is the place for every science fan out there.

5. National Sea Life Center

For someone who loves underwater life, this sea life center is a perfect place for you. Thai center holds more than 200 species of marine life animals from around the globe. To make the experience more real, it also has an underwater tunnel for tourists. It feels like you can be right beside the marine animals, and they are just a touch away. Along with that, they also put on shows of penguins having fun and have a 4D cinema where you get even close to marine life.

6. Jewellery Quarter

This place is a collective street of more than 20 jewelry shops and goldsmiths. The main attraction point of this place is the Museum of Jewellery Quater. This museum lets the visitors experience the inside trade. Almost 40% of Britain’s jewelry is made at Jewelry Quarters. Along with the museum, the street also has other attraction points. St. Paul’s Square, Hall of Memory, and the Pen Museum are must-visit if you decide to take a walk in the Jewellery Quarter.

This place holds the history of the people who lost their lives during the Second World War, how pens were made in the back 19th century, and how jewelry is made in Britain. The place is a collection of many important parts of Britain’s history.


Birmingham is a place one must visit. A vacation to this adventurous city will make you experience everything. Be it the magic of a chocolate factory, marine life, scientific discoveries, history of pens and gold, and beautiful natural surroundings away from the city life.

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