Explore 5 Best Beautiful Places To Visit in Italy

Best Places to Visit in Italy

Italy is a small landmass of peninsula hanging at the southern end of Europe. However, it is a nation that stretches much larger than its sheer size. Once believed to be the center of Earth, it is one of the most influential countries in world history. The country of Italy is enclosed by water on three of its sides. The water that surrounds it comes from the Mediterranean sea. In Roman times, the Mediterranean basic was considered the entire world, and Italy was viewed as its ruler.

Talking about the Roman empire, it is the same place where the early Romans once settled and harbored. Rightfully called the cradle of the modern western world, it is the same place where Christianity found its wings. The empire was responsible for some of the most prolific events of the last few centuries. Some of them include the annexation by Alexander the great, the spread of Christianity, and the exodus of Jews.

Today, Italy stands as a testament to history and culture. Some of the best places to visit in Italy are scattered with numerous past and future instances. Italy holds its own in world affairs still and is a leading nation in multiple ways. Also, how can one forget the Italian cuisine that country has bestowed upon us? Every corner of the world is familiar with what Pizzas and pasta are. You will find some of the most amazing restaurants and cafes that serve the most authentic food here. Oven-baked pizzas, hundred types of cheese, you name it, and they got it. 

If you want to visit the country, we suggest you stick around this article. We have made this comprehensive list of the 5 best places to visit in Italy. Let’s Go!

1. Rome

How can Rome not be on this list? The capital of Italy is its most prized possessions. Rome was the seat of the Rome Empire in the old world. Hence, most of its streets are filled with places bidding farewell to the older times. The bricks used in the buildings give a sense of what the history was. The world-famous Colosseum, which is amongst the seven wonders of the world, is situated here. If you are craving some good food, just go to the adjacent boulevard and enjoy some tasty delicacies.

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2. Florence

One of the best places to visit in Italy, Florence, looks like a Renaissance display. If seen from retrospect, it seems like one huge art exhibition spread across miles. You will witness places like the Duomo, where the cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore is situated. It is the epitome of historical architecture, mostly because of its gravity-inverting enormous dome structure. Among the other sites include the Belltower by Giotto, whose beauty is amplified by its marble-lined inner walls. If you go there, don’t miss out on the chance of visiting the Octagonal Baptistry. Its gigantic bronze doors by the architect Ghiberti will blow your mind.

Florence is true in every sense of the word, a great exhibition of Renaissance time. 

3. Venice

There is nobody in the world who might be unaware of the iconic city of Venice. In Venice, the streets are filled with water, the local commute is the boats, and the songs written by Shakespeare linger in the minds of the people. Visit the city on a weekend getaway and see what this highly talked about the sinking city is like. Take a  Gondola boat ride and paddle around the entire town with a bottle of wine in your hands. Numerous tourist places scatter the city’s center. Some of them include the Piazza San Marco and Saint Mark’s square. The gigantic Basilica of Saint Mark stands beside the Doge’s palace is a place not to be missed.

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4. Tuscan Hill Towns

The natural scene of Tuscany is brought by stone towns whose construction returns to the Etruscans. Each sits on a slope; many have the palaces and pinnacles that once guarded their instructing positions. It’s hard to pick one over the others, as each has its engineering, craftsmanship, character, and story to tell. Decently seething with minarets and enclosed in, to a great stretch, ideal dividers. San Gimignano looks a lot like it did in the Medieval Ages when it’s anything but a significant stop on the explorers’ course to Rome.

5. Milan

Milan is rightfully called the fashion destination of the world. However, it is mostly considered a reentry point for an Italian excursion because of its international airports. This should not be the case owing to the simple reason that it has the highest concentration of artists and attractions in the entirety of Europe. The tourist coming to Italy for design, architecture, and fashion must at any cost visit the city of Milan. You will be amazed to see the variety of high fashion clothing the town has to offer.  Milan has been an abode and workstation for artists in all these fields: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Verdi, Toscanini, Enrico Caruso, and designer Giorgio Armani.

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