Find Top 5 Beautiful Places To Explore In Turkey

Places to Explore in Turkey

Turkey is a magical country, widely famous for its ancient monuments. It is also known for incredible architecture, the backdrop of alluring scenery, and wonderful museums. Its vibrant culture, diverse history, palatable cuisine, and stunning attractions are what make the country unique and worth visiting. Beach lovers can find an extraordinary number of beaches, each with different properties and specialties. 

Best 5 Places to Explore in Turkey

It is quite challenging to choose between the top places to explore in Turkey. However, here are the popular options that you can consider during your trip. 

1. Aya Sofya

Aya Sofya is considered the most magnificent and picturesque building globally, featuring its delicate architecture, beautiful minarets, and grandeur. The building is adorned beautifully, and it is also known as the church of the Divine Wisdom. The site was first commissioned by the greatest Byzantine emperor Justinian and then consecrated into a church in 537. Later, it was changed into a mosque by a conqueror, Mehmet, in 1453. Finally,  in 1935 it was declared a museum by Ataturk. 

Its magnificent and classic architecture made it an important construction of its times, and it is still hyped for its unusual beauty. Inside the museum, you can see a display of a brilliant collection of artifacts and gold mosaics of Christ as Pantocrator above the door. 

2. Topkapi Palace 

The Topkapi Palace is an exotic and incredibly large museum located in the east of the Faith district of Istanbul in Turkey. It features a different world of sultans and is surrounded by lush green gardens, which once was the domain of the Royal court. Today, it is open for public visits and offers visitors a sight of tranquility and wilderness. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the palace covers a massive area of 6,379,000 to 7,535,000 square feet. 

In addition, the historical site displays an enormous collection of the Ottoman Empire, books, and manuscripts of great significance. It is housed in a palace that served as an administrative center and Ottonmon Court between 1478 and 1856. In 1924, the Topkapi Palace was opened for public visit,  a year after the formation of the Republic of Turkey. 

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3. Pamukkale 

Pamukkale is one of Turkey’s most beautiful and popular wonders, packed with pure white terraces of Cotton Castle or waterfall. It gives an impression of snow being spread over the lush green landscapes. Photography lovers will fall in love with the unusual place and capture amazing shots to share on the internet. You can get the best clicks in the evening when the white-colored rocks sparkle like the sun is dropping down below the skyline. 

There is an old spa town, situated on the top of the hill and it can be another reason to choose the site over other attractions. Make an American Airlines booking and explore the unseen places and experience the best of your life in Turkey with your travel partners. 

4. Antalya 

The Antalya museum is widely popular as one of Turkey’s impressive creations, featuring an extensive collection of Hellenistic and Roman marble statues. It offers plenty of fun things for every kind of traveler. For instance, if your purpose is to explore the surreal beauty, you can go on sightseeing tours and discover the best possible places. History lovers can find historical sites, be it museums or art galleries, and there are so many amazing sites that represent the country’s rich historical heritage. 

Some popular tourist attractions to discover in Antalya include Old Town, Old Harbor, Antalya Museum, Yivli Minare, Hadrian’s Gate, Roman Fortress, Aspendos, Termessos, Perge, Olympos and the Chimera, Konyaalti beach, and so on. 

5. Patara

Beaches are the highlights of Turkey, and one can find every type of beach here, from family-friendly to party-based beaches. Patara is among the famous and the best ones, spreading up to 18 kilometers along the shoreline. It offers much space to relax, chill, and play, and if you want to search for a quiet place, you can easily find it. You can begin your day trip by enjoying soaking under the sun, playing games, swimming, and other water sports. Also, there is a theater that holds around 5000 people. So, you can make a airlines booking and spend a nice vacation and enjoy the best weekend trip.

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