Know About 4 Cs to Choose the Perfect Blue Sapphire Ring

Choose the Perfect Blue Sapphire Ring

What better than an oceanic blue hue with lots of depth to mark love with your special one? A blue sapphire ring is a perfect engagement piece. Many women have started turning to blue stones, as they look stunning in every possible setting. 

A blue sapphire makes your engagement ring unique and classy simultaneously; for some bling, add dainty diamonds. However, while picking the right stone, there are lots of things to consider; and you will find answers to all queries in this piece, let’s get started. 

Examining a Blue Sapphire

Are you willing to possess a bluestone? If yes, then for your first step, you need to understand what kind of blue sapphire you need. Every stone is unique and special. While examining a sapphire ring with diamonds, follow the 4 Cs for an accurate assessment.

  1. Color:

The color implicates the shade of the sapphire. To understand, you need to see the saturation, how intense the shade is. For every sapphire, the higher saturation level is better.

  1. Clarity:

It is common for sapphires to come with inclusions. No inclusion means the sapphire is probably synthetic. You need to look for a stone with no inclusions visible to the average human eye. Professionals look at the shape, size, amount of inclusion, and location to assess a sapphire. Less visible inclusion means higher grades. 

  1. Carat:

The weight of the sapphire is measured in carats. The larger stones are rare to find and are expensive than the insignificant ones. The weight and the color of the stone determine the price. The price will vary from shade to shade. For instance, blue sapphire in 5 carats will be hard to find than 5-carat yellow sapphire.  

  1. Cut:  

The cut brings a sheen and makes the stone sparkle. The cut of a stone means giving edges and polishing them to rid of the rough surface. Sapphire provides a cut grade that factors in Before getting a sapphire ring diamond, the windowing,   brilliance, extinction, and symmetry.

How to choose the right blue shade?

The first thing you need to know is what shade of sapphire you should choose. The shade of your gemstone plays a significant role in accessing the value of a sapphire. A perfect blue shade sapphire is way more expensive than a normal sapphire. Look for inclusions in the stone that are not visible to the naked eye. 

The most valued shade is intense velvety blue to medium violet-blue to mediocre-dark tones. These shades are not only expensive but also appear to be pricey. There are many shades of sapphire, from royal blue to baby blue. The right shade also depends on your requirements; always check whether the stones are natural or synthetic. 

Examine the Stones 

While purchasing sapphires, make sure to examine the stone inside out. These choices are essential as every stone stays forever, so assessing it is vital before initiating a purchase. 

Look for professional photographs of stones to evaluate every aspect. Most of the online stores offer 360 videos to give you the exact essence of the product. This ensures you see what you get. Also, look for 3D images to get a deeper insight into the stone. If you are getting a stone from a local shop, make sure to check the sapphire before confirming. Seek expert help if needed. 

You can even request shops to deliver selected stones for inspection and look for the shops with this kind of facility for the consumer. 

Why does the sapphire price range vary so much?

While buying a pave sapphire ring, you might notice sapphire price varies from piece to piece. This generally happens due to the quality of the stones. Every sapphire is graded uniquely to mark its value. Natural and untreated sapphire are rare to find and are considerably expensive. Even location factor the price, sapphire mined from Kashmir will hold a higher value than any other sapphire type. 

However, the origin is not a parameter of authenticity, so it does not equate to value. The sapphire is famous because the location needs to exhibit superior quality for a higher value. The price of a high-quality sapphire can scale due to prime locations. 

Clear all your concern before initiating  

The last but not the least tip to choose the right sapphire is to ask from experts or seek professional help. Do not stay skeptical while deciding because a wrong stone can completely ruin the jewelry’s entire look

You can go to various sites that offer consultation without any commission and provide valid information to you. These sites are legitimate and help you know about every stone. 


Blue sapphires are suitable for combination jewelry, add sapphire to your earpieces and neckpiece or pair it to your finger with sapphire ring gold; it goes with everything. Start your sapphire hunt today and get the best out of your purchase. All the best!

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