Find a Complete Guide on Pay Per Click (PPC) For Beginners

Pay Per Click

What is PPC?

Do you ever see an advertisement? Whenever you search something on internet an advertisement comes between it. Yes these advertisements are known as Pay Per Click (PPC).

PPC are the advertisements campaigns where the advertiser pays for the each consecutive click on the advertisement by the audience.

Here advertiser pay’s the amount to the advertising agency on the basis of number of clicks an advertiser gets on the advertisement.

PPC used to achieve all types of goals, such as:

  • Generating Leads.
  • Increases sales.
  • Brand Promotion

Why Business should use PPC for advertisement-

  • Helps to reach the right audience.
  • Makes you PPC expert.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Pay only if anyone clicks on ads.
  • Helps to compete even with low rank.
  • Shows you Quick result.
  • Provides Higher Return on Investment (ROI).
  • PPC helps in increasing brand awareness.
  • PPC helps in raking higher on Search Engines.

Best PPC Platforms-                                      

  • Microsoft Ads

Microsoft shows your advertisements on yahoo & Microsoft network. These have a total of 136 million unique desktops searchers on the network of Bing. Microsoft advertisement is the second most used PPC platform.      

  • Google Ads

Google Ads is the biggest PPC platform. It launched its PPC platform in October 2000 & enhancing the businesses of the audience with their PPC platform.

Types of PPC Advertisements-

  • Search Advertisement- Search advertisement is one of the most common PPC advertisement. Whenever you search something on search engines you will notice some results related to your search on the top of the Search Engine Result Page. You can identify these ads by a small logo on the left side of the result.   
  • Display advertisement- Display advertisements are the ads which show your advertisement on all Google partner websites according to the industry. You can target any area, audience with any age group according to your need. Display advertisement is the most famous PPC advertisement.
  • Social Media Advertisement- Social media advertisement is the trending PPC advertisement. You all have seen these types of ads on social media platforms like Instagram, Face book, LinkedIn, twitter & much more. 

A survey shows approx 4.14 billion users around 53% of total population uses social media.

  • Mobile Advertisement- Mobile search is increasing day by day and it’s important to be there where the audience is. It is going to be one of the greatest opportunities in future. If you are thinking to start advertisement you should must try mobile advertisement.
  • Video Advertisement- Everyone has seen this type of PPC advertisements on YouTube or on some are applications. These ads are compulsory to see for some limited time period. This PPC advertisement helps in increasing brand awareness.
  • Remarketing- Every one of you have noticed these types of PPC advertisements in your daily life. Let me explain you whenever you search for any product on e-commerce & the same product pop ups on some other platforms. Remarketing is the one of the amazing PPC advertisement which helps in targeting audience according to your need.
  • Google Shopping- Google shopping helps by collecting related product & services & shows you on the top of the search engine.

Benefits of PPC-                                           

  • Cost EffectivePPC allows you to pay only when the user reaches your website & creates a pocket friendly platform suitable for your business.
  • Easy to target- PPC makes it easy to target the audience according to demographics like language, gender, age & device.  
  • Fast- You will see the impact of PPC immediately whereas organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can take month to show response.
  • Easily measurable- You can easily measure the effectiveness of PPC campaign & how much return you get on investment.
  • East to customize.

Best proven PPC techniques-

  • Optimize for mobile users- For the best response use of PPC campaign you should optimize your content for mobile users. As a survey shows more than half of all searches on internet are done through mobile.
  • Know your competitions- It’s important to know where you stand among the competition. In PPC campaign you can easily see format & landing page of your competition.  
  • Do remarketing- There are some users who come to your site but do not take any action. They didn’t make any purchase or subscribe to your page. The best way to get their attention is to remarket them. A survey shows around 70% users coverts as leads.
  • Use quality ads- When it’s comes to PPC campaign using unique and attractive ads can be a huge advantage in leads generation.

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