Top 4 Reasons to Use Synthetic Oil for Your Vehicle Engine

Synthetic Oil

Maintaining a vehicle for smooth functioning can be much more complex than it appears to be. The most critical part is to decide the right components for the car. The variety of brands and products available can bewilder the car owners if they are not aware of the right one. Is your question about your car needs synthetic oil or not? The fastest answer you can get is from your car’s user manual. An oil change is very important. It is equally important to check the quality and type of oil you are using for your vehicle.

In this blog, we have combined a few reasons why you can consider synthetic oil for your engine. know if it can replace the regular option before your next oil change.  

1. Wear protection and cleanliness  

Starting with the first reason synthetic oil has lesser impurities as compared to regular oil. The impurities cause sludge to build up. Synthetic oil gives your car a cleaner engine and prolonging the engine life. The primary function of the engine oil is lubrication. Compared to the conventional oil synthetic oil doesn’t break down easily. It protects the engine from wear and tears.   

2. Lifespan for your oil change  

The next point while considering a synthetic oil is how long does it last? If you are using the regular engine oil you must be aware that you will require an oil change after every three to five thousand miles depending on the brand. However synthetic oil will require a change after every seven thousand and five hundred miles. This also turns out to be one of the most prominent reasons for those who prefer synthetic oil over regular oil.   

3. Works well in extreme weather condition  

Synthetic oil lets you run your car smoothly. It is engineered to work even in extreme weather conditions. As mentioned earlier synthetic oil breaks down slower. It can resist the heat better as compared to the conventional oil. Even during the cold weather synthetic oil is capable of running your car smoothly. While the traditional engine oil thickens and requires more time warming up.   

4. Price  

One of the primary reasons why many car owners do not prefer synthetic oil for their engines because they are more expensive. Although there are brands that offer synthetic oil at a low price. But the performance of these products might not be very satisfactory. You can consult about the brand with any reputed oil change service provider, in most cases, they will have the products available as well.  

Now let us come to the focal point, are synthetic oil worth it?  

If you are disciplined enough and maintain your oil change routine you will do good with the regular oil. But if you have the budget and a not so fixed routine, synthetic oil is worth to consider, as it provides longevity to your oil change service.   

The debate on synthetic oil vs traditional oil is never-ending, but what matters most is that you get your oil change done on time. Oil change services fall under the basic car maintenance and should in no manner be ignored. The engine oil plays a major role in keeping the engine and its components lubricated and coated properly, this prevents the engine components to not erode away due to friction.   

Apart from that, the engine oil is responsible for reducing the heat generated during the friction, so we can suffice that engine oil acts as a coolant and reduces the chances of any unfortunate event such as engine explosion due to overheating. Also, oil cleans the dirt and debris which layers upon the engine components.   

If you have not changed the oil for quite some time now, we would recommend you better get it done. You can do it yourself or get a professional help.

One of the critical tasks about maintaining a vehicle is to find a car service center that offers you quality services at the best price. Your vehicle needs a lot of attention, and you can only be doing a fraction of it while the more serious issues need to be taken care of by the experts. it is certainly good to know about the vehicle and its components and being able to carry on some of the simple tasks like oil change but for the complex repair and replacement make sure you have the expert services.

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