3 Beachfront Accommodation Styles to Pick for Your Romantic Getaways

Beachfront Accommodation Styles

When choosing a luxury accommodation to spend your lovely vacation or staycation, you must know what you want and what you need. One of the most sought-after locations is by the beach! 

There’s always something beautiful about staying in a place beside the beach. It’s like an instant vacation, and you do not need to go anywhere else for it! It’s a place where you can spend time healing, unwinding and reflecting on life’s significant things. Everybody needs a breather, and staying in a luxury accommodation by the beach is just a perfect option to pick!

Some risks and inconveniences might arise if you stay in a beach side accommodation; they could be environmental factors or just your preferences and demands. That is why you need to know what styles and characteristics of such there might be! 

To help you, below are accommodation styles by the beach which you must check out and pick from for your romantic getaways


Source - Kims Beachside Retreat Toowoon Bay

How lovely it is to wake up to the sight of the splashing waves by the seashore! With huge glass windows and doors opened in the morning, you will clearly see how majestic the beach views are by the moment you open your eyes!

This inspiration is an excellent example of luxury accommodation by the beach. It is positioned on a higher level. You go up the stairs to reach this pleasant room. You can just sit on the chairs outside, and stare at the wonderful blue sea from afar! The land below is filled with sand. Since the accommodation is beneath, you can see the vast sea and decide whether you’re going for a dip now or later.

You can see how such accommodation style makes every detail close to the heart of home and nature! The wooden theme of the room matches the vibe and the appearance of being in a place of nature. It somehow feels like a tree house as well since the place is elevated. Simplicity makes it beautiful and neat! 

If you choose this style, you will definitely benefit from the fact that you can stay outside when you want to sniff the fresh breeze, and you can stay inside if you just want to immerse in the views’ grace and not to feel the cold wind. You can choose, and either of the two is appealing and resting in its own way!


Source - CNN Travel

How about revealing your space a little bit to the outdoors? This style inspiration just takes you closer to the beach. What’s even prettier about it is that you see the beach from a high perspective like no other! 

Although there could be a main bed inside a room, it does not matter if you fall asleep on the bed by the terrace! Also, a bed with a cloth to cover you if you really intend to stay the night overlooking the sea’s tranquility must be available!   

You do not need the air conditioning unit’s blow and the lamps’ light. The natural wind that livens up the mood and the brightness of the sun and the moon spread good vibes all around! You might even see city and ship lights from afar with this beach-side accommodation setting. The captivating allure of the beach makes you sleep while smiling and makes you wake up with excitement! The feeling you will surely get is inexplicably joyous! 


Source - Omni Hotels - Cancun Hotels & Villas

You’re THAT extra person if you take your romantic destination to another level up! Who said you cannot have your hotel bed on the sand? 

This inspiration style breaks the barriers between doors and the beach. While this is not merely “by the beach” but on the beach already, you can still consider it since it’s actually overqualified, if not in another special category, in what is called “beach-side”. It’s already perfect!

Bed on the sand? Weird for some, but it’s an extraordinary chance to fall asleep in the middle of something beyond counting. You’re too exposed to people, but it definitely is a one-of-a-kind experience you will never see and encounter easily! Privacy is not a priority here, but most likely a sound sleep and experience. It’s like camping but instead of sleeping bags and tents, an actual bed with actual pillows are set in place for you to utilize!

The place could offer indoor rooms for those who prefer those, but if it’s your turn, you should try sleeping in one of these accommodations with such styles! It’s something new to give a shot! You just have to be aware and prepared where to store your things, and everything’s alright after that!


Beachside accommodations offer advantages you will never want to let go of! It’s the ideal time to slow down and refresh yourself in your beloved romantic getaways! With a place that’s nice and a beach that’s within reach, you can pause and have a good time!

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