7 Surefire Tricks To Making Your Event Venue Hunting Stress-free

Venue Hunting Stress-free

Planning is key to making your event successful, and choosing the right venue is on top of that planning checklist. The venue is a great foundation, as almost everything in your event plan depends on it — like your event’s theme and catering options. It sets the tone for the rest of your event planning details, so you should be very careful when picking the right one.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right venue. Let us help you lessen your stress and improve your mental health with these handy tips on picking the best event venue.

1. Consider the number of guests

The most important thing to consider when looking for an event venue is the number of attendees. You have to assure that they will be comfortable, and they can socialize properly.

Most event’s place coordinators know the total capacity of the venue so you must also know how many guests will attend. If the age of attendees varies, ask the coordinator if the place is also suitable for children, senior citizens, and those with special needs.  

Aside from the guests, you should also be mindful of the space the equipment, tables & chairs, and decorations will occupy. If the guests and other things fit, see how tight the seating arrangement would be and make sure they’re not cramped

2. Plan ahead of time to get the best deal

The venue takes the highest cost in your budget so you have to be critical when exploring your options. One way to lessen the cost is to have a flexible event date. Have at least 2-3 tentative dates to choose from.

The rule of thumb is to avoid peak times. Usually, the price varies depending on the season, month, or day of the week. If you’re on a tight budget, Friday night during the Christmas season might not be a great idea since offices and families are also having parties.

Plan the event months before so that you can get your preferred date and venue at a discounted price.

3. Assess if it’s a good location

A good venue for an event depends also on where the attendees will be coming from. Have a list of all possible venues and check which of them is the most accessible. Consider a venue near the hotels if your event is at night. For corporate events, make sure that you choose a place near your office.

If accessibility is a problem, provide them with a shuttle to avoid being late. Don’t forget to give each guest a copy of a detailed map of the venue.

4. Other services offered

Ask them if they also offer catering, tables & chairs, lights & sounds, and other technical services. If they do, have a look at sample setups from past events to help you decide. Some coordinators offer discounts if you avail of these services.

See if the place has everything you need, like a stage, ballroom, projecting area, kitchen, comfort rooms, and many more. It’s easier to set up on the day of the event if they’ll help you with the logistics. Don’t forget to ask for the layout for better visualization.

5. The mood of the venue

Since your goal is for your guests to have a good time, find a venue that will make them stay until the end. Choose one with a beautiful garden and fountain if the event is outdoor. For indoors, choose a place with good ventilation and acoustics. Don’t forget to mind all existing decors which will help you finalize the logistics.

6. Has enough parking space

Lots of guests bring their own car to the event. You don’t want your guests to pay for a parking spot, do you? If possible, avail a venue that already has a parking space so that your guests won’t have to worry about their vehicles. Access to a nearby parking lot is good too but make sure it’s not too far from the venue.

7. Have an ocular

Although everything is done online, we suggest physically visiting the event venue that you’re eyeing. Even if you’ve checked the past events done in that place or their reviews are top-notch, nothing beats evaluating the place in person. It’ll also be a huge help when you set up for the event day. 

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t like the place. You have to set aside a day or two to visit all your other options. 

Now, you can start planning your event and find the perfect place for the big day. Don’t forget to share with us your experiences in event venue hunting by commenting below!

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