Actor Troy Mundle Goes From Small Town to The Big Screen

Actor Troy Mundle

Originally from the small French speaking village of Point-à-la-Croix, on the Gaspé Coast in eastern Québec, Canada, Troy Mundle has come a long way to become the celebrated actor fans know and love. Known for his work on HBO’s newest hit Peacemaker, the award-winning Star Wars fan-series Bucketheads, the acclaimed film Exhibit Man, and Paramount’s hit series The Stand, it may surprise many that Mundle comes from humble beginnings. He made his first home movie at the age of 12 with the school camera his uncle was able to bring home for the weekend.

Back in those days, editing was not an option, so he and his friends would write a script and film everything in order to make a movie. As they grew up, they refined their skills, and the passion only intensified for Mundle. However, being from a small town, becoming an actor seemed like a distant dream, so he decided to go to university to find his career path. It did not matter though, as the more he studied other things, the more he was drawn back to acting.

Mundle worked tirelessly to become the award-winning actor we know today. He moved from his home to Vancouver, also known as “Hollywood North” due to its many studios, and quickly found himself starring in a number of hit shows, such as ABC’s A Million Little Things, the CW’s longest running series Supernatural and their more recent success DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and the award-winning series Single & Dating in Vancouver, which Mundle actually created.

After recently moving to Vancouver and hearing so much about the Vancouver dating scene in the news and media, I decided to bring it to the forefront using comedy to tell the story,” Mundle recalled.

The series follows Troy McMaster, played by Mundle, an actor and recent arrival from rural Ontario, who’s hoping to get his break in Vancouver, and also find that special someone and settle down on the West Coast. Sadly, our “small town boy with a big heart” is having trouble adjusting to single life in Vancouver.

Troy is the window into the series, and introduces viewers to the rest of the colorful and lovelorn cast: Michael (played by Michael Goudge), Troy’s best friend and stereotypical laid back yoga-performing West Coast guy; Sheri (played by Sheri Rabold), the sexy, smart, sassy busybody of the group; and of course, what would a Vancouver TV series be without a single dad and up-and-coming Vancouver real estate agent, in the form of “Chadillac” Chad Mayweather (played by Chad Riley).

This ensemble cast brings wacky-yet-heartfelt stories to life that we can all associate with, and adds a Vancouver twist. Other cities have had their fair share of love stories; now it’s Vancouver’s time to shine.

“It was the hardest, and most rewarding thing that I’ve ever done. Our days shooting this were so fun. We had such an amazing time together on set, bad apples not welcome. We always wanted to have a very safe and inclusive environment. It’s incredible how many people wanted to help us as well. We were able to shoot in some pretty amazing locations, which only adds to production value,” said Mundle.

Mundle wrote the story to reflect many aspects of his life, making it very easy to get into character and give an authentic and compelling performance. His hard work and memorable performance allowed his show to see great success. Mundle won Best Actor at the Austin Web Fest, and the show had 13 other award nominations at festivals around the world. A true highlight for Mundle was when the show was an Official Selection at the prestigious Marseille Web Fest, in Marseille, France in 2016.

Mundle brought his story all over the world, and hopes to continue shooting it one day soon.

“I hope that in telling the story it creates conversation and gets people talking. Vancouver is such a beautiful place, it’s an interesting dynamic that its dating scene is such a hard nut to crack,” he concluded.

Photo by Kristine Cofsky – The Portrait Sessions Photography

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