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Jae Suh Park: who is she?

Jae Suh Park is an American actress famously known as ‘Marianne’ from the famous Netflix comedy series “Friends from College“. The adorable actress has been seen in many movies and shows. Her performance in “How I Met Your Mother” was just outstanding and the fans gave her standing applause.

Early life

Jae was born in South Korea on April 5, 1984. When she was 6 years old, she moved to the United States with her family. At the age of 8, she developed an interest in acting and thought that she had to become an actress. She used to act in different roles in her school’s annual function. Jae was a very shy person. 

The actor has not yet confirmed the information regarding her parents or siblings. She posted some pictures with her mother along with her sister. 

During her school time, her theatre teacher told her that she could take acting as her career as she was very good at that. From that point, she took acting as her career. She shifted to many places like Sans Frisco and then to Los Angeles, looking for a career in acting.


Jae did many TV shows, movies, and short movies. Jae finally made her pace in her acting career. She started “Friends From College” in 2019 and her co-actors helped her a lot to gain the maximum fame she could. So let’s see the filmography timeline of her notable performances in more detail.

Jae has done several movies. She was featured in the famous series “The Big Short” in 2015. Recently in 2021, the comedy movie ‘Marvelous and the Black Hole’ was released with her name on the cast list with other stars like Miya Cech, Rhea Perlman, and Leonardo Nam. 

 In 2006, Park won the Richard Kind Dramatic Award as the Narrative Feature – Best Supporting Actress for her work in the film ‘Purity.’ 

Jae Suh Park’s Net Worth And Earnings

Although she has not revealed her income till now, yes we can assume that she might earn a great fortune according to her fame. As per her latest movies and shows, her estimated net word would be $28 million around. 

Personal life

Jae Suh Park first met Randall Park in 2007 at a nonprofit theater fundraiser. Goo housekeeping reports that Randall instantly fell in love when he first saw Jae across the room. In that audition, they couldn’t get the chance to meet. But in the next one, Jae started a conversation with him. And in that also the couple couldn’t get chance to exchange their numbers. 

After a few days, Randall met Jae at some audition and there he invited her for his birthday party. She accepted his invitation and reached his place. But because of his friends, they didn’t get the time to spend the time together. 

Who was Randall Park?

Randall Park is an American actor, writer as well and Director. Park was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, to South Korean parents. She graduated from Hamilton High School’s Humanities Magnet Program. Park attended UCLA and finished with an undergraduate degree in English and creative writing and a master’s degree in Asian–American studies. 

The couple welcomed their baby girl

Jae and Randall welcomed their baby girl in May 2012. Their daughter was in Randall’s comedy web series “Baby Mentalist”. They all share a bond of love and affection with each other.

Now, the family of three shares a lovely bond together. “We both see our family as the priority,” Jae tells Bella magazine when asked about her and her husband’s work/life balance. 

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