Actor Stefan Boehm is a ‘Lucky Man’ in hit Stan Lee series

Actor Stefan Boehm

Growing up in Nottingham, England, Stefan Boehm always had an interest in cinema. He began to get an appetite for performing thanks to his primary school drama teacher, who saw something in a young Stefan, encouraging him to explore this interest. However, it wasn’t until adulthood that he decided to truly pursue this passion and get into acting.

Now, with dozens of successful projects under his belt, Stefan is a celebrated actor, working alongside some of the industry’s best to entertain audiences around the world. He recently starred in the hit science-fiction thriller Override and Netflix’s top 10 series The Liberator, but he has been gracing the big and small screen for the last decade, impressing both viewers and colleagues.

“I have worked with Stefan on a number of productions, notably BBC’s Being Human, The Game starring Golden Globe winner Brian Cox, and on Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, Sky’s highest rated drama production,” said Daniel O’Hara, Director (Doctor Who, Victoria, The Stranger). “Stefan is a pleasure to work with.

While knowing his character and the script in great detail, he also possesses the flexibility as an actor to experiment during the rehearsal time and even during the shooting of the scene. This really added to the weight and quality of the scenes in Lucky Man, making the show better. Stefan’s diligence in his preparation for the role, as well as his awareness in listening to the other actors in a scene, contribute greatly to the final scene.”

Lucky Man is a smart, action crime series from the mind of comic book legend Stan Lee about a brilliant but flawed police officer with the power to control luck. It first hit screens in 2016 on SKY1 and went on to become SKY1’s biggest ever debut. It has since sold to 140 territories worldwide and also to AMC in 2018. It was SKY1’s most watched returning series in 2019/2020. The series stars James Nesbitt, Ben Aldridge and Sienna Guillory. 

“Stan Lee’s creations and ideas have been a huge part of TV, film culture and history across the world, so when there was an opportunity to be involved with a Stan Lee inspired project in the UK, it was a hugely exhilarating prospect,” said Stefan.

Stefan plays revered surgeon Dr. Jones in the show’s second season, working closely with Director Daniel O’Hara to form the character to go up against Detective Inspector Clayton played by James Nesbitt. This character was pivotal to the show’s storyline, as he had a secret and it was the job of the main protagonist to extract that information. To sell this, Stefan made the decision that Dr. Jones would be very subtle, almost imperceptibly obtuse. The verbal tussle between Clayton and Jones provided the fulcrum for the plot and the tipping point for solving the case.

“Each episode is firmly rooted in reality and very human circumstances, and then there is a hint of magic through the lead character that transcends other crime dramas yet keeps it rooted in truth. It’s very cleverly and stylishly achieved,” Stefan concluded.

“It was a joy to work on something that originally came from the mind of the late, great Stan Lee. I enjoyed the challenge of arriving on set with a fully formed character that was ready to go and test it against some of the biggest names in UK television with no rehearsal time. It was a pleasure working with James Nesbitt who has an ability to make you feel relaxed immediately. I also forged a relationship with talented director Daniel O’Hara who I will go on to work with many times in the future.”

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