Find Top 6 Reasons to Choose Yoga Teacher As A Career Option

Yoga Teacher

Teaching yoga is one of the excellent career choices. It is an olden art and a natural approach for remaining fit and strong. It also assists in enhancing mental as well as physical health.

Selecting Yoga as your career may not sound attractive to your ears, but there is also no zing factor to it. Isn’t it? It is tough to look past the stereotype and do something unusual or diverse. However, nowadays, time is changing rapidly, and similarly, the employment sector is also changing.

In regions like Asia Pacific, Africa and European Union, it is being expected that there will be a big boom in this industry, and a large number of job roles for yoga students as well as yogis will come out.

In short, Yoga is a great exercise, a science and a discipline that assist you in harmonizing your body, mind as well as spirit. A toga teacher teaches several yoga postures and pranayama and guides you to reach perpetual harmony.

Yoga helps you in enhancing your mental as well as physical health. When you start practicing Yoga, you can easily take it as one of your professions. All you have to do is undergo 200 or 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

Important things to do to make a lucrative career in Yoga:

Acquire the trade: To become a yoga teacher, its vital to train from a dependable and trustworthy yoga school. India also has a large number of a renowned yoga school. Rishikesh is a hub of yoga schools and yogis. Before you choose Yoga as your career, you should keep in mind that being a yoga teacher is not an overnight thing, instead, you need a lot of dedication, patience, perseverance and practice.

1. Get certification:

To be a yoga teacher, you can opt for short-term or long-term courses. India’s government has taken several steps to certify all yoga teachers by introducing a scheme “Scheme for Voluntary Certification of Yoga professional. The Quality Council of India that offers accreditation standards for the varied sector, has initiated this scheme.

There are many courses like a 200-hour yoga teacher training course or a one-month teacher training course at Sivananda Ashrams at Rishikesh.

2. Earnings:

A yoga teacher can easily earn Rs.10000 to Rs.30,000 per month based on the number of students you teach. Personal classes for any individual or any celebrity usually pay better than group classes. To earn more, it’s essential to make a reputation for yourself among all potential clients. Yoga teachers who can meet one or three organizations’ needs can also earn a good amount per month.

3. Career opportunities:

Yoga teachers are nowadays in high demand in yoga centers, gyms, and health spas. Even the corporate sectors have noticed the advantages of Yoga and are calling for routines personalized by yoga teachers. One-to-One classes are also one of the popular options.

There is also an increase in demand for yoga therapists to learn for controlling or curing ailments through good practice. Several asanas can give relief to some specified body ailments or any pains. You can also work as a yoga therapist in some health centres, people homes or some resorts.

4. Uncommon and a diverse option

It is widespread to find an engineer or a doctor who earns a good amount of money and lives your dream life. But it is not common to select a career that satisfies your soul.

Being a yoga teacher, you have the freedom to do classes on your terms and ethics. Not like the regular jobs you are teaching, Yoga is a soul-satisfying experience. You can assist people in healing from traumas, rising very high in life etc.

It might be difficult during initial times, but every job role needs hard work and unrelenting perseverance.

5. Your awareness will increase:

When you choose to go within and realize your shadows and work on attaining self-awareness, your pain will end. Ego, hatreds, anger, and greed are reasons people usually fail to rectify their path. Yoga will free you from all these kinds of burden and offers you a clean and positive approach. Pursue a 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh course for a good experience and obtain a lot of wise lessons.

You will feel amazed to view things getting uncovered in front of your eyes and sets you free from all of your stained sides of your personality.

Some challenges: Life is boring without challenges. Be a yoga teacher to feel the bliss of this human experience in the best possible way. When you become a yoga teacher, you will think that all endings have a new door, awakenings and new lessons.

Whether you are doing the same pose every day or foraying into some of the novel forms of Yoga, you will get to know several things every day. You will see that your body is becoming sturdier and highly resistant to various changes.

6. Travel across the world:

Who does not want to see the whole world? Everyone wants to experience novel things in their life and grow. When you select Yoga as your career, you get an opportunity to travel to several places, meet some new people, witness the cultures of the region and remain in the middle of the beauty of the destination.

As a yoga teacher, you can easily participate in yoga retreats, YTT programs, and yoga studios present in various parts of the world. Once you decide to come out of your comfort zone, you can quickly notice novel things unscrambling and new opportunities coming in for happiness and success.

Thus, be a yoga teacher, increase your life’s own purpose and earn the most gratifying position. Yoga teacher as a career option is worth trying.