13 Timeless Ways To Wear Layered Hair And Beat Hair Boredom

Wear Layered Hair

Layered hair is simple, elegant, and timeless. If you like your hair long, a few strategically placed layers can add the wow factor. Long layered hairstyles add movement, texture and increase hair volume, preventing them from falling flat – making it the perfect choice for women with fine, straight hair. If you’re craving long layered hair with a ton of volume, you’ve come to the right place. 

Layers are everything but evenly cut hair. The texture, shape, and placement of your layers are what sets them apart from other hairstyles. If you’re thinking of sprucing up your hair to a new height, layers will do the trick. Besides helping you achieve the ultimate hair volume, layers also work wonders on framing your face. Many beautiful looks are built upon the layering technique, but the hardest part will be deciding which one to try. So, we have rounded up some fun and flattering layered hairstyles that will help you spark your layered hairstyle idea: 

#1. Long Cut With All-Over Layers 

Layers are an effective hair volume treatment 

This is a lovely, natural style that begins with long layers for the face-framing pieces and gradually changes to shorter layers as it proceeds around the back. Because the overall length of this cut is quite long, the layers add movement and volume without weighing your head down.   

#2. Face Framing Layers

Frame your face effortlessly 

This style is best suited for women with thick, wavy hair. The dramatic face-framing layers extend further back than usual – creating a dramatic transformation that pairs well with waves or curls. If you have fine hair, don’t cut the layers around your face too far back because they appear thin. 

#3. Blunt Bangs With Short Layers

Blunt bob with bangs 

Incorporating a set of hair bangs is a great way to keep up with the hottest hair trends this season. The blunt bangs are very modern and can accentuate your cute face features. The contrast between shorter Hair bangs and the longer layers is so feminine and pretty. This cute hairstyle is especially flattering for women with elongated face shapes. The ombre tips are set off with short layers on this cut, giving it a bedhead vibe.  

#4. Easy Medium Layered Hair

Easy shoulder length layered hair to copy this season

There’s no denying, long hair takes a lot of effort! If you like the comfort of shorter hair but prefer the look of long hair, this haircut is a win-win. The longest layers fall just past the shoulders, with shorter layers all over and a dramatic side-swept hair bang. Let’s face it: bangs require a huge commitment and if you’ve commitment issues, consider Clip-In Fringes, which allow you to rock fringes whenever the mood strikes.   

#5. Big Sweeping Layers

Windswept layers for long days at the beach

This cut is ideal for women with a lot of fine and silky hair strands. The highlights around the face bring out a striking effect, and the long side wave layers bring out the bouncy texture. Regardless of face shape, this haircut is a breeze to pull off.  Consider adding long bangs with layers around the crown to lighten up the bulk. 

#6. Flow Cascading Ultra-Long layers 

Super long layered hair 

If you’ve grown healthy, gorgeous hair, you deserve a stunning haircut like this! Without layers, super long hair can look flat or even stringy. This haircut will remove just the right amount of weight to give effortless movements without making your hair look disheveled. If your hair doesn’t meet this hair length, we recommend using Human Hair Extensions designed to help you achieve your hair goals. 

#7. Asymmetrical Choppy Haircut

Steal this one of the hottest hair trends 

Layers are cut in the opposite direction in this cut. The basic face-framing layers are inverted, with the longest pieces in front and the shortest in back. Blunt cuts on the short layers add a nice choppy texture to the cut, and loose curls complete the look. This is a stylish haircut for women who prefer styles that are coherent to the latest trends.

#8. Long Tousled Beach Waves

Add some colors to add dimension

This lovely hairstyle incorporates choppy, medium-layered hair with stunning streaks. This look is quick and simple to achieve. Simply blow dry your hair and then apply texturizer and a curling wand, making sure to leave the ends out. Finally, rake the finger through your waves and rub some texture spray into your palms to smooth out the ends and define the curls.  

#9. Curly Layered Hair

Embrace your curls with layers  

Who hasn’t dreamt of having a glorious mane of bouncy curly hair? There are times when your curly hair doesn’t cooperate, and it is tough to tame them. This is why we present this hairstyle to make your life easier. With a layered haircut and highlights to add dimension, you can easily achieve flawless curls.  Curly hair is always spectacular with haircuts like this one.  

#10. Big Curls With Bangs

Incorporate a set of hair bangs in your curls 

The majority of women believe that curly hair and bangs do not go together. So, we present this haircut to dispel all myths about big curls and bangs. Curly hair with bangs looks super cute and feminine. Curly-haired girls still have a love-hate relationship with their hair, owing to the misconception that it is difficult to style due to its texture. And, we say, incorporate a set of hair bangs, and you’ll never go wrong.  

#11. The Perfect Center Part

Center part your hair for a new look

Center part hairstyles are timeless, and if you think this look is a thing of the past, think again. Simply parting your hair from the center creates a completely new look for your layered hair, with just the right amount of layers for a modern touch. The result is stunning, but regular trims are required to avoid hair splits and breakage. 

#12. Mid-Back Swoopy Layers

Blunt long length layers 

A blunt, long-length U-shaped cut draws attention to hair volume and density. Long layered hair looks sleek and polished, while the shorter, jagged hair strands add body and texture. 

#13. Sun Kissed Layers With Highlights

Add some details to own this look

If coloring and heat styling tools have left your hair dry and in need of some TLC, this style is ideal for bringing your precious locks to life. The all-over layering begins on the face and sweeps back gently to the ends. This lets you trim off split ends and give your tresses a natural shape that doesn’t require much upkeep.   

Bottom Line 

Layers bring movement and interest to an otherwise plain old haircut. Layered hairstyles can do so much for your overall appearance. They are very simple to achieve and don’t rely on your hair length, so short, medium, and long hair can all have the layers done. You now know that creating these long days at the beach layers is a breeze and takes very little upkeep. So, don’t get too caught up with hair boredom and experiment with these hairstyles.

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