Know About 8 Types of Coffee Maker and Tips to Choose Best One




Don’t we all look for coffee when we are tired? Pretty much because coffee contains caffeine, which helps to increase energy levels improve productivity and brain function.

Coffee is even a great way to start the day. For many people drinking a cup of coffee in the morning is a routine, just like taking a bath is.

What is a coffee maker?

A coffee maker is a kitchen appliance that is used to brew coffee which is made by ground cocoa beans. It is a much needed appliance for people who prefer coffee over tea. This article will help you know all the information about coffee makers.

Invention of the coffee maker

In the year 1908, Amalie Melitta Bentz from Germany, created the first drip coffee maker. Interestingly, the history of coffee maker began a long time ago. As we all know that in 575AD, Turks were believed to brew coffee and that’s where the history of coffee machines started. Many parts of coffee maker’s history have disappeared over the years, creating the first coffee filters from the Turkish era and no one knows about coffee maker history by 1818.

There are many types of coffee makers, according to one’s need and preferences they must be wisely selected. Now let us go through the different types of coffee makers.


1. Drip coffee maker


Drip coffee makers are the most popular ones out there. They are being used by people for many decades now, simply because they are very easy to use and come in many different styles and sizes.

2. AeroPress coffee maker

AeroPress coffee makers are in trend these days as they are very easy to clean. Help in making expresso and Americans and are quite popular among people who like strong coffee.

3. Single serve capsule coffee maker

They give you a fresh cup of coffee at the touch if a button. They are particularly fit for people who do not want to brew coffee and want quick, easy way to experiment with different coffee drinks.

4. Cold brew coffee maker

Cold brew coffee maker gives you the best flavor of coffee. Though it takes a lot of time to brew coffee, it is totally worth it.

5. Expresso coffee maker


Expresso coffee is particularly made with dark roasted beans and fine grind. There are many different machines for M making expresso such as manual, semi-automatic, automatic and capsule machines. All these machines make expresso in different ways.

6. Turkish coffee maker (Ibrik)

Turkish coffee makers are quite small and inexpensive. It produces unfiltered strong coffee. At the time of brewing, seasonings and sugar can also be added.

7. Stove top coffee maker


Stove top coffee maker is popularly known as a ‘Moka Pot’. It produces dark coffee which is often used as a base for lattes and cappuccinos.

8. Percolator coffee maker

Percolators are believed to have existed long before drip coffee machines. They produce a cup of coffee with a strong aromatic taste. Some can be used as a stove, and some are electric.

How to choose the best coffee maker

Hot or cold

An individual preference of hot or cold coffee plays an important role in deciding for the best coffee maker. If you like concentrated brew then cold brew ones are the best.

Number of cups

There are quite a few coffee makers like single serve capsule and a few others that provide one cup of coffee at a time. So it depends on the requirement on an individual.

Brew type

So, if you are patient enough to wait for your coffee beans to get brewed as it would give an amazing flavor to your coffee then you shouldn’t select automatic makers.


Coffee makers come in many different sizes and styles. According to the space in your kitchen, these must be selected.


Apparently, price plays the most important role in everything we buy. So, if one needs additional features then one has to pay a good price for it.


Coffee makers are obviously a perfect fit for our modular kitchen. All of us have very strong opinions about what kind of coffee is optimal (it is very personal!). This article will surely help you choose the best coffee maker for yourself.

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