Identify 12 Signs Proving That She is The Best Girlfriend

Best Girlfriend

If you are dating a girl, consider these signs that you have a good girlfriend. If you find a girl who fits all the below, keep her! Below given are the signs that prove she is a good girlfriend.

1. She explains why she’s in a Bad Mood.

No one can be happy all the time. She tells you why something is wrong, what happened at work to make her mad and why she is angry. Some people call that actual communication.

2. She Cares About How you Feel.

Some people are so focused on their feelings that they forget to ask how their partner is doing. This is due to stereotypes that boys should be stricter and emotionally stronger than girls. But a good girlfriend knows that you are also sensitive to emotional pain.

3. She wants you to be a better person.

She doesn’t ask you to be a better partner, but she wants you to be a better person first. Because a good girlfriend realizes that, by becoming a more caring, considerate and strong person, you become a person worthy of love and affection.

4. Loves you for who you are

Changing your partner’s habit and keep telling him it is not Love. If your girl truly loves you, she will accept you for who you are, with all your flaws and shortcomings. But if there are some things about you that bother him and you want to change them intentionally, then nothing is better. This will show him that you, too, are making equal efforts to strengthen the relationship.

5. Don’t bother about your past.

We all have a past. Heartbreaks, mistakes and wrong decisions are all part of everyone’s life. But it does not define our future and who we are as a person. So if your girlfriend knows about your past (better if she doesn’t want to know at all) but never judges or annoys you about it, love her wholeheartedly and never let her get away.

6. She is open to you.

You know about her childhood and her problems because she has spoken openly about these things. You know all about his concerns and his petty passions. Also, you know about her because she wants a friend who loves her not only for all her illustrious qualities but also for her faults.

7. Talks cautiously about any insecurity.

And in turn, clarify why the other Person should not be worried or unhappy about a particular concern when they are honest with their explanations and arguments.

8. She is a good listener.

She wants to know what went wrong in that project at work or why you went mad with your boss. Also, she is not afraid to ask for details. Her questions are focused on where you are coming from. She gives advice when asked for it.

9. Her feelings are consistent.

If something is right for you, your gut will probably tell you about it immediately. If your partner’s feelings do not change all the time and they are not suffering from mood swings, she is sure that you are the one. She knows what she wants for her future, and it is you, so there is no room for doubt.

10. She makes you feel the luckiest Person

Because of her positive energy, you feel that you have achieved the jackpot, knowing that she has chosen you out of all the other men. Sometimes, you find yourself thinking in disbelief that she wants to be with you.

11. She is not Insecure

If she sees you talking to a woman or you have a good relationship with your female colleagues, she will not be easily jealous. She respects that other aspects of your life are as important as she is to you.

12. She gives you space.

A good woman will not cling to you, suffocate you or depend on you all the time. She gives you space to pursue your interests. She lets you choose other things over her and lets you be who you are. 

If she fits all the above signs, let her know how lucky you are to have her in your life. Send her a sweet surprise from the online cake delivery or wherever you reside, and make her feel loved and wanted. 

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