8 Secure Ways to Protect Your Business’s Network


Sitting in your office, you might have watched the news of the latest data breach in a company. The company was a reputed one and now it’s surmounting an enormous loss. Now you’re just sitting in that chair and wondering that if it could happen to them then it can happen with me.

You are absolutely on spot! It can definitely happen to anyone. It can happen to you, small businesses, large multinationals, solo entrepreneurs; no one is safe from such breaches.

An unsecured server uncovered some confidential, classified data of the family history software company, Ancestry.com. This data was owned by 60,000 customers of the firm. It is imaginable how much this would have cost the company.

Such cases are increasing every year at a higher rate. In just the previous year, between January and February of 2019, 7.9 million of data was uncovered like this. This was 33% more than the year before that, and around the same time in that year, i.e. 2018.

Business Network

With such cases increasing so much, it has brought some stress upon the marketers. The rate of data breaches is predicted to be more this year if proper measures for security are not taken.

A Secure Business Network

If you don’t want to be one of these companies that go through data breach issues every year, then there are a few security measures you can take to protect your business network.

1. Employee guidance

It is really important that you should provide proper guidance for your employees regarding the security policies of the company.

Snapchat in 2016 reported a data breach in which payroll information of some 700 current and former employees was exposed. This was because an attacker impersonated to be the social media company’s CEO Evan Spiegel gave deception to an employee and made that employee email the information.

Due to such reasons, it becomes important that employees are trained for such malicious attacks. They need to be aware of the IT security policies and techniques. This way they can always be prepared for an impending threat.

2. Password security

It is very common to have a data breach if you do not set your password system in certain ways that keep the data secured. Firstly, you need to get rid of all the default passwords as they are the most immense threat to the data.

The network you are using might be connected to many other devices, most of which could also be unsecured. Hence, changing the default passwords and setting different passwords is the best possible way to prevent malware.

Now that you are changing your password, you need to make sure that it’s uniquely strong and unpredictable. This is another way to dodge phishing and malicious attacks that might occur through hacking. By setting strong passwords and a different password for everything, network security can be prevented.

3. Use firewalls

One of the safest ways through which a business network can be secured with certainty is when you use a firewall for data protection. A firewall is a complete shield.

Any ports that might be open for the hackers to come and hit on your network are sealed well by a firewall. They cannot surpass it.

The firewall prevents any infiltration that might be possible through cyberspace for a spammer. It is just how your mask and your sanitizer prevent a virus. Similarly, a firewall prevents the system from any virus.

4. Use different reliable tools

One of the biggest issues when it comes to network security is that people try to take everything into their own control. They like to solve and handle everything themselves without any help.

It is quite risky to get help when it comes to business data, however, using some online tools it can be easily fixed.

You can find a variety of tools that are already completely set to go. Plus, you can make changes to them according to your needs. Revisions are also done on them regularly so as to keep the software secure. This way our data is protected undoubtedly.

5. Data Backup and recovery

Another way by which you can protect your network unquestionably is by always backing up your data. Also, you can always have a plan for data recovery so as if there is any loss of data, it can be covered very easily.

Pre-planning backing up recovery is very important because when you have a proper backup recovery plan then even an insignificant search like “Emotional support animal letter online” that you’ve only done for fun, is also secured.

That means even such trivial data is also recovered then imagine how much protected your major data is. Hence both backing up data and planning data recovery are very helpful.

6. Use VPN

Another very effective way of keeping your data to yourself is that if you use a VPN. A VPN is also a shield that protects from data violation.

By using a VPN, you can simply use the internet on your network and no one will ever know. This is because it creates a passageway that is encrypted and so data is safe.

Not only it protects data, but by using a VPN you can also have access to online tools and accessories that you cannot use otherwise.

7. Always upgrade your system

Lastly, in addition to all the suggestions given above, it is still rather incomprehensible to leave your system to work with all that precious data.

If you are not updating your system regularly, then all the other measures that you take might just be a worthless. This means it would have no use until you always update your system.

The system demands an upgrade every month or something, and if you are not, chances are that you will anyway lose data.

8. Wisely save it

Now that you are knowledgeable of the threats that your business network might have to deal with, and that you are also aware of the ways you can prevent it, then you should use these ways to wisely save our data. These are a few basic ways to prevent a data breach, but there are more ways that you can use. However, these might do the job for you predominantly.

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