The Kodachadri Trek- Explore the “Jasmine of Hills”

Jasmine of Hills" - The Kodachadri Trek


Kodachadri Peak is situated in the heart of the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. It is located in Shimoga District and is the 13th highest peak in Karnataka. The Kodachadri Trek provides trekkers with an experience of a lifetime including adventure and charm.

Beauties like a quaint village setting with paddy fields, marvelous grasslands, thick forests, and waterfalls make Kodachadri Trek prettier. It will make you go weak on your knees. The place is also rich in history and mythology. It provides trekkers with rich stories and a temple. It was built thousands of years ago according to the locals.

Difficulty level: 

Easy to Moderate 

Kodachadri Trek: Seasonal Guide

Monsoon Season: 

From the monsoon months of June to September, there is plenty of rainfall in Kodachadri. 

During the monsoon season, trekkers are mostly accompanied by thick clouds, leeches, and intermittent rain. 

Yet, Kodachadri Trek during the monsoon season is famous among tourists. It puts forth challenging experiences that add to the thrill of the adventure.

During the monsoon season, it is recommended not to play in the sea. Instead, exploring the Nagara Fort is highly recommended. It becomes very pretty around this time because of the green carpet of grass that adds beauty to it.

You can also visit the beach town to chill out and rainforest water pools. There are many more places that you can explore during the monsoon season.

Winter Season:

The winter months from October to January attract many trekkers. There is less rainfall and an increase in misty landscapes. 

Ideal for winter trekkers, Kodachadri receives a good amount of water at Hildumane accompanied by pleasant weather to play around in and pretty sunsets.

During the winter season, evenings are cold and the nights become colder. 

A major attraction during this season is Saint Mary’s Island which opens based on sea conditions. You can enjoy watersports here. Indeed, the winter season is the best for trekkers.

Summer Season:

From the summer months of February to May, Kodachadri Trek is ideal for trekkers as it offers clearer views and pretty sunsets.

Though warm, the climate is favorable for trekking because of the presence of the thick Shola Forest at Kodachadri.

Major attractions of Kodachadri during the summer season include – Refreshing beach with the hot sun, Saint Mary’s Island at Maple Beach where you can enjoy water sports, and a ferry ride. You can also take a refreshing dip in the Hildumane waterfall. 

Kodachadri Trek: Major attractions

Hidlumane Waterfalls – 

Hidlumane Waterfalls of  Kodachadri is a unique work of nature that is a series or a cascade of seven waterfalls that make it up and is a major attraction of the trek.

The Hildumane waterfall is a sight to your eyes, wondrous in its beauty that you won’t experience in other treks. 

Something you should experience is taking a refreshing dip in the waterfall during the summer season and feeling the cold water spouting down. 

Rolling Green Hills – 

One of the major attractions of the Kodachadri Trek is the expanse of mesmerizing Rolling Lush Green Hills.

Covered in every shade of green, the hills are situated at a height of 5,735 feet that can gaze from afar. 

From pine green to parakeet green, emerald green to sap green, the hills provide every shade of green which embraces by nature enthusiasts. 

Moreover, the combination of the clouds and mists adds to the greenery, theater, and drama of this place which is a thrilling experience indeed. 

Mythology and History of Kodachadri, the Mookambika Temple: 

The Mookambika Temple of Kodachadri is another major attraction and a famous destination for Hindu Pilgrims which dedicates to the Ancient Mother Goddess, Mookambika.

Legend says, thousands of years ago the Hindu Goddess Mookambika fought and killed the demon Mookasura which is why the goddess’s worshippers and the locals dedicated the Mookambika Temple to her. 

Tourists and pilgrims often visit this place because of its rich history and mythology. It surrounds by light mist and fog. 

Visit the Ganesha Guha and Sarvanja Peetha. It is popular that Adi Shankara meditated at the top of Kodachadri during the 7th century AD which is why these places dedicates to him. 

Shola Forest Trek:

Going on the Kodachadri Trek, you should also explore the beautiful Shola Forest of the Western Ghats as it provides an abundance of flora and fauna.

 If you like trekking through this canopy and want to get the right exposure to trekking in a forest, then you must experience the Shola Forest Trek of the Kodachadri.

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