6 Amazing Places to Visit in Turks and Caicos Island

Places to Visit in Turks and Caicos Island

Planning to spend your leisure time with your loved ones in Turks and Caicos Island? . This article covers the information about the best things that you can do in Turks and Caicos Island. Book your tickets at an affordable price on Delta Airlines Reservations with exciting offers and undeniable low fare deals. 

Turks and Caicos Island is the North American peninsula in the Atlantic Oceans. Cockburn Town, the capital of Turks and Caicos Island, is a prominent tourist spot because of its luxury hotels, shopping complexes, and wonderful resorts. Keep reading the full article to spend your leisure time in complete enjoyment. Find the list of top attractions in Turks and Caicos Island

1. Grace Bay

Grace Bay is a popular tourist spot in Providenciales that includes beautiful aquamarine water, and soft sand beach. The place consists of shopping malls, restaurants, food courts, and hotels. Visitors generally have a very pleasant experience spending time in Grace Bay. As a result, it is regarded as the World’s Best Beach by the visitors. You can spend around 3 hours to 6 hours in the beauty of Grace Bay.

2. Taylor Bay

Taylor Bay is one of the safest beaches in Provo as the water is not very deep so the parents can relax while their children play around the beach with knee-high water. The soothing air and serene water of Taylor Bay beach make it a perfect destination for spending a relaxing time with your family. On average, you can spend 7 hours to 14 hours in the tranquil of Taylor Bay.

3. Bight Reef

Bight Reef is a perfect blend of an aquarium and swimming pools. You will experience the beauty of the natural habitat of marine animals. Well, the waters here are deep so it is better to take care of the children. You can see the fishes playfully poking and a sea turtle swimming around nearby. Averagely, you are able to spend 1 to 2 hours in the magnificent view of Bight Reef.

4. Turks and Caicos National Museum

If you are the type of person that wants to learn about history and culture, then the Turks and Caicos National Museum is a perfect destination for you. Here you can spend 1 to 2 hours to properly hang around and learn about various stuff. Recent visitors find this museum relatively good because of its small size and informative arts.

5. Salt Clay

Salt Clay is not one of the famous places but it is the recommended one by the visitors in Turks and Caicos Island. It is a small island, so you can do scuba diving, watching whales, and snorkeling. If you visit the Salt Clay in the winter season, around the month of December to April, you may experience whales migrating to the North Atlantic. You can spend more than a full day in the beauty of Salt Clay. 

6. Cheshire Hall

Cheshire Hall is also not one of the famous destinations in Turks and Caicos Island. The land was used for cotton plantation. This place is suitable for those people who have a deep interest in history along with nature. Visitors recommend this place because of nature and prominent history attached to it. However, it is recommended to visit this place in the morning as the midday heat will spoil the fun to enjoy this place. You can easily spend half an hour to 1 hour around Cheshire Hall with family or friends.

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