Explore Popular 15 Natural Hairstyles For The Beach

Natural Hairstyles For The Beach

If you are planning for a beach vacation, you need to prepare for it. This article will not talk about the place, hotel reservation, or transportation; you discuss it with your partner, friends, or whoever is going with you. We will discuss something dear to most women, including you – “Hair & Hairstyles” for the beach. Many women get confused and think that beach waves are the only hairstyle for beach vacations, but it is not. You need a style that can keep you cool throughout the day while sunbathing and playing beach volleyball. Besides, there are plenty of hairstyles that can withstand sun, wind, and water during your beach times. Here, we have rounded up 15 natural hairstyles for the beach. 

1. Beach Waves 

Try syncing up your beautiful hair with ocean waves by creating beachy texture to your hair. It is everyone’s favorite to flaunt beautiful beach waves while on a beach. You can call it an ultimate beach hairstyle because it goes extremely well with the ocean.

2. Silky Scarf

You wouldn’t want to spend your beach time flaunting your hair; you probably have other amazing plans! Silk scarf is a great solution to cut down your hairstyling hours by a lot. Pull your hair up and wrap them up in a silk scarf – or you can leave your hair bangs flowing for a chic look. The silk scarf will protect your hair from the strong UV rays. 

3. Wet Beach Hair 

Flaunting wet hair on a beach suits the beach vibe flawlessly. A colorful bikini and wet hair are perfect together. While it is a gorgeous beach hair look, you can wear this style to protect your hair from the sun. Apply a hair gel to make your strands appear damp and flirty. Remember to use a hair gel that works as a sunblock to protect your natural hair.

4. Effortless Messy Waves

We all know wavy hair goes pretty well with the beach, so why not try a messy, carefree look. Just let your naturally wavy hair flow! Otherwise, if you have straight textured hair, use a curler to create waves – whatever wavy style or however you like!

5. The Sky-High Curly Pony

This is a terrific hairstyle to keep you cool that’s also very simple to accomplish. You can achieve this look in just a minute if you have naturally curly hair. Pull your hair back into a high ponytail at the crown.  Use a tiny curling iron or easy ponytail extensions if you don’t have naturally curly hair. 

6. The Fishtail Braid

Braided styles are always ideal for keeping your strands away from your face and eyes. They are super-appropriate for summer and the beach. However, don’t braid your strands too tight – leave it loose and messy for a cooler style. 

7. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots work as a protective style besides being a cool hairstyle for the beach. These are like multiple mini-buns formed by twisting small sections of hair into small knots. These knots are very practical in protecting your natural hair against wind, sun, and saltwater.

8. Shaggy Pixie with Hair Bangs

A short pixie cut with shaggy layers is a lovely look for the beach. You will find many women sporting this hairstyle on the beach because it is a neat style to keep you cool under the hot sun. Keep your bangs longer than the rest of your hair and shag it up to the right or left – you’ll have a great look for any vacation, not just the beach.

9. Sunhat & Hair

You don’t have to focus your time on your hair while enjoying your vacation. Covering your hair while on a beach is crucial, but you need not worry about flaunting sophisticated hairstyles. Use a sunhat to cover your hair and let them flow beautifully.

10. The Mid Ponytail

Ponytails are the easiest and beach-friendly hairstyles for a vacation. It will only take a minute to knot your hair into a mid ponytail with your hair tie. If you have few more minutes to spare, clip in a ponytail extension to amp up the look.

11. Long Braids

Try multiple log braids on a beach to protect your hair from waves and the wind. While protecting your natural hair, braids are fantastic hairstyles for a beach. 

12. Beach Space Buns

Here is a perfect hairstyle if you are worried that your hair will get messed up in the wind. It is a great trick to pull up your hair and twist them into a bun before the strands mat. Add twists and braids to amplify the beauty of your buns.

13. Messy Waves with Hair Bangs

Bangs hairstyles are not a good friend of the beach, but it is perfect for making a unique switch. But, no rule says “women can’t wear bangs hairstyle on a beach.” You already know that wavy hair and the beach go pretty well, so now all you have to do is flip your long hair bangs for a sexy vibe. 

14. A Colorful Headband

A bright headband will add a splash of color to your hair while sitting on a beach towel, enjoying the ocean breeze. It’s extremely simple, but it’s very attractive. Plus, it will keep your hair in place so that stray strands don’t fall on your face during hot beach days.

15. The Low Ponytail

When you can try a sky-high and a mid pony, why shouldn’t you try the low ponytail? You know it is an effortless beach hairstyle. A plain low ponytail is effortless but often appears boring. So, you can lift the look of a low pony by tying them with a big colorful scrunchie, hair tie, or a ribbon. 


The listed fifteen natural hairstyles are perfect for the beach. You may have flaunted some of the hairstyles somewhere else, but did you know that these styles also work for the beach? Well, now you know, they are great for the beach, so flaunt them during your happy beach vacation.

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