6 Reasons to Visit Orthodontist and Myths about Orthodontic Treatment


There are myths associated with orthodontic treatment, but people need not believe such unscientific facts. A question that often troubles you, ‘why do I need to see an orthodontist even though I maintain good oral hygiene?’ The answer is simple. Detection of oral cancer, cavity, gum diseases, time of oral surgery- all these demand expert’s help like a dental clinic near Ballygunge to recover.

Reasons to Visit Orthodontist

Orthodontists often come across certain misconceptions of their patients. Often, educated patients become the victim of delusions. Most of the time, these myths spread quickly amongst patients, and they tend to neglect to visit an orthodontist. 


The orthodontic treatment wants to declassify certain myths regarding dental treatment. They are

  • Whoever provides aligners or braces is an orthodontist. The fact is not actual since general dentists and online companies offer braces, but one should opt for orthodontists who have specialised training for the job.
  • People tend to avoid consulting dental treatment because they have a deep-rooted belief that orthodontists are so expensive. In reality, the expense varies from case to case and for quality treatment with a long-term solution, they must bear a little more expensive.
  • Routine Visits to the dental clinic are not mandatory. A face-to-face appointment is necessary to monitor your teeth, gum, and jaws.
  • People believe orthodontic treatment requires many years to solve. This fact is not valid. With skill, experience, and training, a good orthodontist can treat your dental issue with the minimal time you require. 
  • Another myth is orthodontic treatment is purely cosmetic. People believe that wearing braces are painful and they obstruct eating. Often they think people of a particular profession must not wear costly braces. Orthodontic treatment is about improving oral health. It is much more than mere cosmetic things. Even braces are not only for a lovely smile, but it improves your ability to chew, biting and speaking. 
  • Some people believe orthodontic treatment is for kids only. These sorts of myths should be removed. Dental issues can happen at any age, and people should consult dentists without delay to get the quickest solution. 

Visiting orthodontists

Some people take good care of their oral hygiene by regular brushing and flossing, so they are reluctant to visit orthodontists. However, mere brushing and flossing twice a day is not adequate for sound oral health. Especially when the matter is about your oral health, you must take extra care. A dentist in regular examination not only removes plaque but takes care of your oral hygiene by solving issues regarding bad breath.

Top dentist have the best technique to treat gum bleedingOur orthodontists treat your cavities, examine the chances of oral cancer or any other problem. We also advise you to go for an X-ray if we feel so. 

Besides therapy, we educate you about the proper flossing and tooth brushing techniques in the dental clinic. In case you develop tartar, it is high time you contact a professional to avoid tooth decay in the future.

Why Should You Consult An Orthodontist On A Regular Interval?

People believe myths, and they are unaware that oral issues may have an adverse effect on our other body parts. According to a dental clinic, you must visit the dentist at least twice a year. It is high time to declassify the myths and understand the science behind dental check-up. Oral health is a part of your body, and you should take care of it as you do for the other body parts. Oral problems, if undermined, may spread to other organs and take a more significant toll on your health. 

1. Detection Of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is not something to neglect. Patients take time to develop symptoms in such diseases. If neglected for long, it could even be fatal. Our intention is not to increase your tension but to make you know about dental literature.

Early detection of oral cancer makes it curable. Orthodontic treatment prefers to apply VELscope therapy for oral cancer, which is pain-free and non-invasive. However, only a dentist knows the best treatment for any patient. So try out this no-brainer.

2. Solution For Cavities, tartar, and Plaque

Daily flossing and brushing are not adequate to eliminate the cults that eventually solidify into tartar. Elimination is not easy, and only a specialized orthodontist can help prevent further deterioration of his patient’s oral health.

The orthodontists tell you that dental cavities develop silently. Patients come to know about a cavity when it is already late, and their tooth has started to decay. Only a professional orthodontist knows whether his patient requires a simple cleaning or filling. 

3. To Avoid Periodontal Disease

Plaque and tartar, if not checked at the proper time, can cause various gum diseases. Patients develop a bad infection at the junction of their gum and tooth. Gum disease may cause halitosis, and it leads to the early breakdown of your tooth.

Patients may get the symptoms like bleeding, soreness, or swelling in their mouth. Bones start to decay-causing tooth loosening. Only clinics like orthodontic treatment dentists provide the right treatment with proper medication or surgery if you need any. 

4. Orthodontists Ask You To Control Bad Oral Habits

Bad habits like taking sticky sweets, smoking, soft drinks, hard brushing, jaw clenching, ice chewing, wine, coffee, and quick brushing can damage your oral health. 

When you visit an orthodontist, he can make out the actual problem that is causing you distress. Our specialized orthodontists know the techniques of fixing any orthodontic problem in no time. 

5. When X-ray Is Essential

A patient does not know when an X-ray is essential. A layperson does not know what disease can develop beneath his mouth surface. Only a pair of specialized eyes can detect problems that you cannot see through bare eyes. 

For example, 25% of people in the age group 17-25 suffer wisdom teeth issues. 

6. Examination Of Lymph Nodes, Necks, And Jaws

If there is any abnormality in your jawline,the dental clinic alerts you immediately. A specialist’s attention is mandatory in such cases. Our orthodontists also test whether your thyroid gland is working normally. 

A bi-annual orthodontic check-up is essential for good oral health. Myths are unscientific, and people must grant things after examining them in lights.

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