8 Steps to Keep An Air Conditioner Unit Working All The Summer

Air Conditioner Unit Working

Today’s world is full of comfort. Now-a-day human beings are not ready to take a single step until they get their desired comfort. Leading a luxurious life is the dream of everybody. This is all due to progressive technology. 

While it is a discussion about comfort, then the Air Conditioner should be in the front line. AC provides us with an ultimate level of comfort. In school, college, office, home, or anywhere, AC gives us a soothing temperature according to the weather. So, we can do our work comfortably. 

More than 90%  of total AC users face various problems regarding their AC unit. Therefore, all the users need to know how to maintain the Air Conditioner Unit properly on summer days, because this is the peak time of AC usage. 

So, in summer, it is more essential to maintain an AC unit with professional help. If you don’t have any idea about how to keep an air conditioner unit working all summer, scroll down to know the important points to follow:-

8 Steps You Must Follow To Keep Your Air Conditioner In A Good Condition:-

1. Maintain time schedule

While using the Air Conditioner unit in home or office or anywhere else, always maintain the time schedule of switching on and switching off. Being a machine it may get damaged  if it is switched on for 24*7.

2. Clean the air filter on a regular basis

Every Air Conditioner unit has an air filter in it.. Hence, you need to clean and replace the filters on time. Duct Cleaning is needed after every 30 days. Once it is cleaned,  we should mark it on the calendar  to set reminders, so we will never forget. This will help to keep our AC unit in good condition.

Unmaintained air filters of AC units may cause various diseases. Every year 20% of AC users become sick due to unhealthy air filters. Dirty filters result in severe lung problems. 

3. No smoking when AC is on

When the AC unit is switched on, no one should smoke inside the room. Even any other dust particle should not be allowed there. Otherwise, AC will absorb the dust particles, and this will lead to huge damage to the AC unit. If there are any  malfunctions, immediately call the air conditioning repair professional in San Diego

4. Clean the AC unit after turning it off

Dusting is a very important point to maintain the health of an AC unit. This will provide the best quality service. Dust or other small particles are not good for AC units. 

But, we should not forget to switch off the AC unit while cleaning it. There are two reasons, firstly when any electronic unit is on we should not touch it to avoid electric shock. Secondly, if we clean the AC while it is on, the AC unit will absorb the dust, and this is not expected. 

5. Keep vacant space to circulate the air

There are two parts of an AC unit. That is – 1) Indoor part , 2) Outdoor part. Indoor part always gets more preference as usual as it is related to our room decoration . But the same care should be taken in the case of outdoor parts.

While placing the outdoor part there must be 3 feet clear passage. This will confirm easy air circulation. So, hot air will be able to flow without facing any obstruction. Thus the health of the AC unit will increase as well as performance.

Otherwise, hot air will return to the room again and it may take longer than usual to cool the room. Even the parts of the AC unit may get damaged. Find Air Conditioning Repair San Diego if there is any problem related to your AC unit. 

6. Cut-off electric connection before leaving

When visiting outside , always switch off the AC properly. But only switching off is not enough, before an outside visit, always turn off the main switch to disconnect the AC unit from the electric line. 

This will save the AC if there is any thunderstorm when you are outside. Otherwise, thunderstorms may cause a number of damages to the AC unit.

7. Maintain the condition of coils

Air Conditioner’s condenser coil and evaporator coil absorb heat . but after using the AC for a long time , the coils get dirty.  This can reduce air flow as well as decrease heat absorbing ability of the coil. So the AC unit will not function properly.

Additionally, the outdoor unit also has a coil. When the outside yard or roof has plants and bushes, then the outdoor unit catches more dust. So we must keep the coils dust-free to increase the performance of the AC.  Find out for Top air conditioning repair in San Diego if any dispute is observed.

8. We must clean the fins

Last but not the least, we also need to clean the fins of AC. When air passes through the fin, it moves and controls the direction of the air. So the cold air coming from AC can spread the dirt and it can harm us. We can spray the remaining debris with the garden hose or we can use a vacuum cleaner.  

Final Thoughts

To maintain an AC unit properly an annual check-up is necessary.  Find Air Conditioning Repair San Diego to get the best professional technician for maintenance. A formal checkup after every year should be done to keep the Air Conditioner unit working all summer.

All the above eight points are important, and it can be done by yourself at home. So before summer starts the checkups could be done thoroughly. Then we can run AC for the whole summer without sacrificing comfort. But in case of any issues regarding cooling problems, loud noise, vibration, or water leakage, find a top air conditioning repair in San Diego

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