6 Best Pelvic Floor Exercises For Men and Their Benefits

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic Floor Exercises are mainly focused on strengthening Abdominal muscle, Pelvic floor muscle and Thigh muscle area. It is a set of exercises whose combined practices will increase your lower body strength and also help in increasing your bedtime performance. So let’s look at these easy Pelvic exercises for men that you can do in your home anytime you want with little to no effort. Try and Combine these Pelvic Floor Exercises with your Comfort and perform daily for better results.

1. Front Squats 

Front Squats is well known and easy to do exercise. It works for your whole lower body muscles as well as pelvic floor muscles. By performing squats, you can quickly burn your lower body fat and gain some muscle strength. To perform Squats, stand on the floor with legs apart, but along to your hip and bring your hands to shoulder height.

Then sit and rise while maintaining this posture. If you feel this process is more straightforward for you, then try to add some weight lifting this process. Front Squats are beneficial to your lower body and Pelvic Muscle. Because of its immense effect on lower body muscles, you can also add it to your Premature Ejaculation Exercises list to Improve your condition at home. 

2. Bridge Dog Exercise

 Bridge Dog is another pelvic floor exercise for men that helps strengthen pelvic muscles, lower body and Back muscle. In addition, It is one of the most basic exercises for beginners. To perform the bridge dog exercise, prepare your yoga mat. Then come to a position where both of your hands are beneath your shoulder parallelly and knees beneath your hips.

Slowly raise your left hand at the same time your right leg and try to maintain it parallel to the ground. Take a deep breath, then come back to the first position. Repeat this procedure with opposite hands. This process will strengthen your back and lower body muscles along with pelvic floor muscles.

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3. Tabletop Exercise for Pelvic Floor Muscle

Tabletop, or more accurately, Split Tabletop, is a pelvic floor muscle exercise that solely focuses on the Pelvic muscle of your body. First, lie down on your back and raise your legs above the ground. Next, bend your knees and line up with your hips and keep the rest of your legs parallel to the ground. Slowly widen the gap between your knees and hold this position until you are comfortable and go back to the initial position. Continuous practice of this exercise will boost the power of your pelvic muscle. Although this exercise is performed mainly by women, there is no harm in practicing good pelvic exercises by men.

4. Kegels Best Pelvic Exercise

Kelegs are the most effective and most accessible pelvic floor exercises for men and women that can be performed at any time. It is a method of controlling the muscle movement of the pelvic floor. It is best to practice it with a bladder that is empty or during urination. Try to contract your pelvic muscles during urination and hold as long as you can and release slowly. This pelvic exercise will give you greater control over your pelvic floor muscle in a shorter time frame. perform this exercise 5 to 10 times daily to get better results.

5. Yoga for Pelvic Floor Muscle

Many Yoga poses have a significant impact on your body muscles. Similarly, many have an Impact on your Pelvic muscles. Like Dhanurashana, Butterfly Pose and Matsyasana, these Yoga poses affect your lower and pelvic muscles and improve their strength. Practicing them in your daily life will surely enhance your Immunity and strength. Try to combine them with the above exercises with ease for better results.

pelpelvic floor muscle exercises

6. Bridge for Lower Back 

The bridge is an exercise that focuses on strengthening the lower back muscles. It will increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscle as well. Lay back on a mat, bring your toes below your knees, and slowly raise your hip above the ground hold for a few seconds. Repeat this process as long as you feel comfortable.


One thing you must remember before doing these Pelvic Floor Exercises is that do it while your bladder is empty. All of the above exercises are easily doable in your home with little effort. All you need is a determination to do this every day.  In case of discomfort and pain please avoid doing these Pelvic Floor Exercises.

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