Top 5 Must Try Delicious Indian Vegetarian Dishes

Indian Vegetarian Dishes

A vegetarian diet fundamentally consists of vegan and organic items. These are acquired straightforwardly from naturally growing vegetables. Veganism is spreading across the world rapidly. It encourages a peaceful and health-conscious lifestyle. This involves consumption of plant-based food only. Its primary point is to completely eliminate animal food products from the diet. These are like fish, meat, and dairy items like butter, cream, cheese, milk and so on.

Are you a new vegan looking to try some exciting and scrumptious dishes? Looking into Indian cuisine can be quite adventurous for you. Many Indian people have consistently been following the vegetarian diet. Since it is currently in trend, there are plenty of savory & sweet vegan options that you can try. Here are five conventional & delicious dishes from the best Indian vegetarian restaurants that you won’t regret trying:

1. Palak paneer

Palak (spinach) and Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) are two highly nutritious food items and can spell a variety of health benefits if included in the daily diet. Spinach is a green verdant vegetable and contains a high amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, which help keep the eyes and heart healthy. They prevent various illnesses too.

Palak paneer is a flavorful Indian curry which any individual despite following a severe eating regimen may like. In this simple and delicious recipe, spinach leaves are initially blanched and then pureed & cooked using spices with little cubes of the cottage cheese. It tastes best when served along with spicy rice.

2. Mix veggie masala curry

Veggie masala curry is another exciting Indian vegan dish that is cooked using various assortments of vegetables & flavorful Indian spices. To the utter surprise of many, coconut can be added to many spicy recipes despite being sweet.

It is by and large cooked with tender coconut pieces and lots of vegetables like curry leaves, tomatoes, potatoes, capsicum, chilies, bells peppers & basil leaves, in addition to spices like cumin seeds, mustard and asafoetida. It is usually served with rice or Indian breads like roti or naan.

3. Paneer makhani

Paneer makhani, also commonly known by its pet name paneer butter masala, is without a doubt an elegant and super tasty Indian vegan dish. It is regularly found at the best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore. The primary ingredients of the recipe are tomatoes, cashews, poppy seeds, onion and of course, cubes of Indian cottage cheese or Tofu cubes. The dish is popularly served with cumin rice, bread or biryani.

The wide range of vegetables and spices used in paneer butter masala makes it delightfully delicious to taste as well as nutritious. Most of the top restaurants selling this item on their menu use extra virgin olive oil, which is great for the health of your heart and skin.

4. Lasaniya batata

Lasaniya batata is a famous spicy recipe hailing from the Saurashtra (Kathiyawada) (Saurashtra) region of Gujarat. Flavored deliciously with garlic, sauteed potatoes and roasted peanuts, the savoury and hot lasaniya batata is a scrumptious curry, provided that your palate can withstand the fury of those red chillis. This dish goes extremely well with rotis or parathas, but can also be enjoyed with rice. Be warned though, if you’re someone who dislikes spicy foods entirely, ordering this lasaniya batata would one of the worst decisions of your life.

5. Baingan bharta (eggplant curry)

Broiled eggplant mash, traditionally known as baingan ka bharta in India, is as flavorful as you can expect it to be. This is an extremely famous dish in North India and has recently become quite popular outside of India too.

An extremely simple & easy recipe to begin with, eggplant curry is prepared using chopped garlic, mustard oil and Indian pickles. The dish works well with any rice item. In certain regions of India, people add lentil balls into baingan bharta and it’s a popular preparation during the monsoon season.


These five flavorful recipes from the conventional vegetarian Indian cuisine can be easily added to your everyday diet, even if you are following a strict eating regimen. Not only would they spice up your daily meals, but also give your diet a significant nutritional boost. Paneer butter masala and palak paneer are now served by plenty of restaurants offering island wide food delivery in Singapore. So why not order some tasty Indian vegan foods from the comforts of your home today? Just make sure to exercise all post-pandemic precautions after receiving your food from the delivery person. Have fun exploring the vegan side of Indian cuisine!

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