8 Remedies for Getting Immediate Relief from Mosquito Bites

Immediate Relief Remedies

Mosquitoes, God knows what all we do and try to keep these little pests at bay. They test our patience every day, as soon as the evening comes. The continuous humdrum of the mosquitoes can irritate one to the core. Even if you try several tricks, you may not be able to protect yourself from getting bitten by them at some point or the other.

Once you get bitten, the itching and scratching can make things worse. Especially those suffering from skeeter syndrome. If you are not sure whether you have been bitten by the mosquitoes or any other bug, this is how you can check.

Symptoms of Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes don’t need any introduction. The small-sized, flying creatures with six legs, making humming sounds is the best introduction one can think of for these bugs. You should know that only the females of this category bite. If you have been anywhere near stagnant water bodies such as a lake, pond, pool, or marsh, then there is a high chance for you to get bitten by the mosquitoes. Still, there are a few ways in which you can determine whether it is a mosquito bite or not.

Itch Factor

You may know how itchy mosquito bites can get. The reaction to mosquito bites mainly depends on the person. Some people may be sensitive and may have aggravated reactions to the bite than the rest of us. At times, you may not see the mark or wound but still feel itchy, at that time you may have an idea as to having a mosquito bite.

The appearance of the Wound

Every person is different and so their reaction to the wound may also differ. This happens because the skin acts differently from the saliva of the mosquito. However, the most common appearance of the mosquito bite will be that of a small, raised bite, red in color.


Staying in a mosquito-infested house you may get multiple mosquito bites. Sometimes you may not be bitten by these pests whereas, most of the time the bites can range from one to several of them. The pattern of these bites is random and never in a particular sequence.


Mosquitoes are very clever and have a pointed, needle-like body part that penetrates through the clothing and punctures the skin. Whereas, the bedbugs and many other pests require exposed skin to cause wounds and feed.

How to Treat Mosquito Bite Immediately for Relief

Mosquito bites are very common during the rainy and summer seasons. If you are sure that you have been bitten by the mosquitoes, then it is best to treat the wound with few home remedies for immediate relief, or else the wound may get infected due to rigorous itching. Don’t know how to treat them at home, then here are a few tips to help you get immediate relief from the bites. Check them out.

1. Honey

Honey is well-known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. This helps in healing the wound fast. If you are scared that an infection may occur you can apply the honey to the wound. It will prevent infection and reduce inflammation. Avoid using it when going outside, or else it may do more harm than good.

2. Rubbing Alcohol

Soon after experiencing a mosquito bite, make sure you get the place cleaned with rubbing alcohol. With the cooling effect, you will feel a little relieved from the itching once it dries off. But you should play safely while using rubbing alcohol. Don’t overuse it as it may lead to the skin experiencing cracks. One must be cautious while using it as it is highly flammable.

3. Cold Tea Bag

Cold tea bags can not only help with dark circles under the eyes but also mosquito bites. Black and green tea bags both have anti-swelling properties. To use it effectively, you can soak the black and green tea bags in a bowl of water and leave them in the fridge. You can apply it directly to the mosquito bite and get effective results.

4. Aloe Vera

Yes, the same that grows in your garden. Now it is easily available in the stores so, you can buy and apply it on the bite to relieve the itchiness instantly.

5. The Counter medicines

Some of us may want medicine in case of a grave situation. In such instances, you can use some over-the-counter medicines that will provide immediate relief. Some of them are as follows:

6. Antihistamines

Whenever an insect bites you, it increases the histamine count in your body. Often doctors prescribe antihistamines in such instances, which not only decreases inflammation but also reduces the histamine count in the body. They also help in fighting swelling and itchiness. These come in two different forms. You can either use them topically over the wound or have medicines orally.

7. Lidocaine or Benzocaine

Benzocaine and Lidocaine are easily available with chemists and popularly known as numbing agents. In case you are facing a lot of pain and itchiness, then this could provide temporary relief. For extra effectiveness, you can buy one with peppermint or menthol.

8. Mild Corticosteroid Cream

Most of the time, for itching, your doctor may recommend corticosteroid cream. In case there is inflammation because of skin irritation. They are not recommended for the face or any punctured wounds. Even one cannot use it for the long term or there can be many side effects. This may include excessive hair growth, worsening or thinning of the skin, acne, etc.


Basil rub, garlic, ice pack, etc. can be used to provide relief from mosquito bites. But the best thing to do is get the infested area treated properly with adequate products. For this, you can hire a pest control company and they will take care of the mosquito infestation effectively.

For more information and queries, you can contact a reliable pest control company. Most of them will answer your questions to relieve your doubts.

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