5 Superb Ideas to Propose Your Partner That Totally Work


Proposals seem difficult because it is the most crucial step in moving forward with the relationship. Mostly the male partner is supposed to propose or is a classified person who is going to propose. But it is not true. Even girls can also propose, and it is more romantic when a girl proposes to a boy because we all know that boys do propose, and it is hardly we know a girl who has proposed. 

Proposals can be done any way, but it is a lifetime moment which is not repeated again and again. This proposal moment is priceless, so it has to be made memorable. Making this moment beautiful is a bit challenging because you don’t want to do anything that your partner does not like, or they might turn down your proposal. 

If you are a boy and you have a girlfriend and you are looking forward to proposing to her, then you can definitely try the ideas mentioned below that will totally work. Even if you are a girl, then you can try these ideas for proposing to your boyfriend. 

1. Plan a romantic date

Being in a relationship, you must have gone on several dates with your partner. But this date will be different. You have to be extremely creative and try something extraordinarily romantic this time. Instead of planning this date in any restaurant, you can plan it near a beach under an open sky. You can decorate the place and set the table for two. You can add candles, flowers and play romantic music in the background to set the mood. These will trigger your hormones, and you will get more confident while proposing. 

2. Proposing on birthday

Birthdays are the most special day of one’s life and everyone wants to cherish it. It can be made more special if you choose to propose to her on this day. This idea of proposing on her birthday will definitely work. You can plan a grand birthday party or an intimate event where you can invite only close friends. And with a beautiful engagement ring, you can go down on your knees and propose to her in front of the guests. I am sure it will be a big yes from her side. 

3. Plan a surprise at home

Planning a surprise for her at home can be a bit challenging, yet it is a great idea. You can decorate her home with flowers, scented candles, balloons, and play romantic music in the background to set the mood. You can even look for decoration ideas from the internet if you want everything to be perfect. Lastly, get a cake and a beautiful engagement ring for her.

You can also spread the rose petals on the ground and let her walk down the aisle like a princess. She will be elated to see your efforts, and she will surely agree to your proposal. You can get her gifts as well. There are various shopping websites that offer the best online gifts and flowers delivery.

4. Go to a romantic location

Location and ambience play a major role in setting up the mood. To try something different, you can take your girlfriend to her favorite spot or any romantic location and propose to her there. You can take a beautiful engagement ring with some flowers with you and go down on your knees to propose to your beloved. 

With the increase in online marketing, there is a facility of sending gifts in various parts of the world. So you can send gifts and cake online to India from the UK via online delivery services. 

5. Proposal at an unexpected location-

Proposing at an unexpected location can be a lifetime memory for both of you. You can think of any unexpected place like in a hot air balloon. It seems adventurous, but it is very romantic. Your partner would never expect this from you, thus it will have a long lasting impression on her. I am sure she will definitely say yes to your proposal. Don’t forget to take an engagement ring along with you.

I hope you liked and found the article helpful. Whatever proposal idea you choose, make sure you are true towards your partner. Your feelings should be genuine, creative proposal ideas can be compromised. And if you are honest, then everything will be aligned.

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