11 Home Remedies To Tackle Laryngitis On Your Own

Home Remedies

When you live in metropolitan cities, you need to share the consequences, like heavy pollution. There are different sorts of pollution that you need to face while living in a city. Water pollution is one of the severe ones. Whether it is a contaminated water supply or poor drainage, everything can lead to heavy water pollution in your city.

When you live in cities like Bangalore, you need to consider all the diseases that can arise due to water pollution. While you may be able to cover your medical expenses with Health EMI Card and conduct cashless treatment, you must be aware of the possible ailments that can affect you profoundly. 

Laryngitis is one such throat ailment caused due to pollutants in water. If you wake with a hoarse voice in the morning, there are chances that you have laryngitis. It happens when vocal cords are flamed up due to infection, irritation and overuse. This inflammation or infection can be formed from the impure water. 

How to Improve Your Laryngitis Situation?

Many ENT specialists in Bangalore can help you overcome laryngitis through medications and treatment. However, there are a bunch of home remedies that can work wonders on your laryngitis. 

1. Rest Your Voice

Laryngitis is an issue that affects your vocal cords, so the ideal way to start the treatment is to rest your voice. Try not to strain your voice by shouting, singing or excessive talking. It will further damage your vocal cords and lead to inflammation. 

2. Gargle With Warm Water

There will be a lot of irritation and inflammation during laryngitis. You can try soothing the irritation by gargling your throat with salt-water. Take one glass of warm water with ½ teaspoon of salt in it. Sip it and gargle it in your throat for relief.  

3. Add A Humidifier

When you breath dry air in your laryngitis condition, the inflammation will shoot up damaging your vocal cords. A humidifier in your house can help you in getting that vital moisture from the air. It will help in loosening your phlegm. 

4. Get Lozenges

Give as much moisture as you can to your throat. Throat lozenges are also a great way to and moisture and relieve pain in your throat. You can try honey-filled lozenges that will suppress coughing as well.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is brimmed with antimicrobial properties that are good for combating infections in your throat. You can create a concoction with apple cider vinegar and honey to use it for the treatment. You can also add salt to apple cider vinegar for gargling. 

6. Honey Tea

A warm cup of tea can soothe your senses as well as your throat. There are different types of herbal teas like chamomile are rich in antioxidants. Honey tea can help in relieving the inflammation and reduce the coughing. 

7. Elm Tea With Lemon

Your throat needs constant lubrication to relieve the inflammation. The slippery elm tea is created from the bark pf elm tree. It is a herbal medicine that can treat your upper airways and inflammation. It also gives you a boost of immunity.

8. Ginger Root

Ginger has got many health benefits. It is a traditional medicine for decades that works excellent for irritation, cough, dryness, etc. that comes with laryngitis. You can add fresh ginger roots to your juices. 

9. Fresh Garlic

Just like ginger, garlic is also good for your throat. Many cultural and tribal groups have used garlic for treating and preventing many ailments. The antibacterial and microbial properties in garlic can fight infections and inflammations.

10. Essential Oils

You need to favor products that have essential oils. Eucalyptus oil is excellent for soothing the irritation and loosening the mucus.

11. Stay Hydrated

It will help if you drink fluids as much as you can. Drinking fluids will relieve throat infection and irritation. Clear broth, water, and fresh juices are a great choice. Consult ENT specialists in Bangalore to get better suggestions.

The Bottom Line

Not only your skin, but water pollution can affect your vocal cords as well. Laryngitis is a common throat infection caused due to polluted drinking water. If you witness early symptoms of laryngitis, like hoarseness and inflammation, you must see ENT specialists at the earliest. 

You can improve the laryngitis situation and get rid of it using some home remedies. Along with the medications prescribed by your doctor, you can seek assistance from the above-mentioned Natural treatments.

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