4 Free Things To Do In Los Angeles, City Of Angels

Los Angeles

Hope you are getting surprised after getting the word free in this pricey city. No doubt, Los Angeles is a very costly place like most of the destinations you will visit here can be costly. But there are also so many free destinations where you can go to Los Angeles. It will not allow you to pay any penny to visit. 

It makes me happy after getting to know that you are going to see beautiful places for free. There are several public gardens, numerous beaches. Do not feel that it is free then it would not be good. It is stunning and free of cost for everyone you can also enjoy these places by booking your Airlines Reservations anytime. It is a good opportunity to visit the city of Angels for free. 

Without spending any amount you can enjoy some beautiful places in Los Angeles. 

Not any restaurant is going to allow you to take a meal for free but some places will not demand any charges of visiting. 

Here is the list of free places where you can visit Los Angeles without paying any charges. 

1. You Can Drive Down Sunset Boulevard

If you are a fan of classic cinema then this is the best place to visit in Los Angeles. If you visit here then this 22 miles sunset boulevard will purify your soul by its natural beauty. You can drive down 22 miles because you will get this scenic view in 22 miles. 

This scenic road is awesome in Los Angeles. It stretches from the pacific palisades to Downtown Los Angeles. There are several palm trees on this road. At the time of sunset you there will be traffic. But in the evening it seems stunning. If you visit Los Angeles then you must travel through this road. 

2. At The Korean Bell Of Friendship, Fly A Kite

The position of The Korean Bell of Friendship is in a picturesque pavilion that overlooks the water in the San Pedro neighborhood of Los Angeles in Angel’s Gate Park. The largest bell Emille bell is a replica of a bell in Korea which was given the name the Emille Bell, which was cast in the year 771 and is still one of the largest bells in existence. 

You know the L.A. version is like a gift to the U.S. government from South-Korea. This is one of the best cultural-historical monuments. It’s a beautiful place and the pavilion and surrounding park are great spots for picnics, flying a kite, or just enjoy a warm sunny day in summer or winter. If you want to visit on the first Saturday of the month, you should be there at noon to hear them ring the bell.

3. Museum Of Contemporary Art (Moca) 

Generally, when we visit any museum then it demands a few changes.  But the Museum of Contemporary Art located in Los Angeles does not demand any charges. For free of cost, you can visit this museum. There are two contemporary art museums located in Los Angeles and both of them are free. You will meet here with various things such as varieties of paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc. These all have been available here since the 1940s. So you can think about how old it would be. 

4. Hit The Beach

Sometimes it is hard to visit all beaches because some beaches are costly. But you can visit a few beaches which are free of cost. Everyone wants to spend a sunny day on the beach so you can enjoy a few beaches in Los Angeles for free. In these 70 miles of beaches, you will see several people sitting out on the sand of the beaches. You will see these sitting people generally in the middle of January on vacations. 


Here you can see the list of free things to do in Los Angeles, City of Angels for all tourists. We all know that Los Angeles is famous for its expensive lifestyle but there are some places where you can enjoy a lot in your budget. You just book your flight ticket through airlines and start your budget-friendly journey. This list will help you to save your money and time. You can also share your experience with us by sharing your experience in the comment section.

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