5 Tips To Create A Heavenly Outdoor Oasis in Your Backyard


There’s nothing more relaxing than spending time in your backyard, away from the stress of work and day-to-day troubles. To truly immerse yourself in your personal slice of nature, you want to make the yard look as gorgeous as possible. There are plenty of ways to add a little extra charm to your backyard and turn it into a heavenly oasis if you know where to start. Short on ideas? That’s no biggie—we’ve come up with a few that might inspire you to beautify your backyard the right way.

1. Choose a distinct look

While we all want to have a heavenly oasis for a backyard, the definition of “heavenly oasis” tends to vary from person to person. What you like might not suit someone else, and vice versa. With this in mind, you shouldn’t take catalog options too seriously. You have to decide on a look on your own and build your perfect backyard from the ground up.

However, like all great pieces of art, your backyard oasis can and should take some inspiration from popular looks. After all—some things just work. A few examples of good backyard styles include Bohemian chic, country, Hampton, modern looks, and plenty of others. You don’t have to stick to a distinct and recognizable look, but it might help you get a good idea of what goes best with your backyard. Afterward, you can create the heavenly outdoor oasis of your dreams with a little extra inspiration.

2. Wall it off with style

Every backyard needs a little privacy. After all, you want to enjoy those summer days in peace and quiet, without having random passersby gawking at you. Even if only neighbors can see into your yard, it’s hard to have a personal oasis without a bit of privacy. Because of this, it’s best to get a helping hand from nature to create your private oasis.

Instead of using a fence or wall to block your backyard and garden from unwanted eyes, you should consider planting a few hedges. These beautiful garden plants are good for more than just looking nice. They can fence off your backyard effectively, giving you both protection and privacy. The good looks are a big plus, though. There’s nothing quite as attractive as a well-maintained backyard with a hedge wall.

It’s worth mentioning that a hedge will also benefit your garden’s environment. It’s a habitat for many predatory insects that will kill off pests. Plenty of larger pests can’t get through hedges the way they can through a fence, which adds to the protective element.

3. Choose attractive plants with a purpose

No doubt you already have tons of interesting plants in mind for your garden. However, there are some plants that can help you get more than just a pretty sight. Some plants are especially effective at getting rid of annoying insects.

Mosquitoes are hardly something you want in your backyard. They can turn a leisurely day outside into an itchy experience that makes you want to never leave your house. To get rid of them, you can introduce a few plants that will repel them. Lavender and marigold are considered the best repellents and they’re gorgeous to boot! You can create a subtle barrier for mosquitoes and add to your garden’s charm in one move by adding a few pots of them.

Mint is another great choice. Not only does it take care of mosquitoes, but it also grows pretty quickly, giving you plenty of leaves to make mojitos with. Basil works just as well, and it’s a good start for a herb garden. You can also plant catnip, but reconsider this option if you have an outdoor cat, as it will certainly make a mess of it.

4. Get practical with storage

Getting the backyard in order is no simple task. When you’re constantly taking care of the grass, hedges, and other garden plants, the tools and accessories are most likely spread all over the yard. If you don’t have a shed, it may look cluttered from time to time. 

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to store tools without dedicating an entire space to them. A good place to start would be with wall hooks. Tools like hoes, spades, and shovels can be hung from a few nails or hooks on the wall without issue. This way, they’re easy to access and they don’t clutter up the rest of the yard.

When it comes to the garden hose, you probably don’t want to reel it in every time you’re done watering the plants. A retractable hose reel would be the most practical solution, as it doesn’t take up space and it’s easy to rewind. With the right hose connectors, you don’t have to worry about the ends bursting and making a wet mess.

5. Whip out the indoor seating

What good is a gorgeous backyard if you don’t enjoy it in comfort? It’s crucial that you outfit the outdoor space with luxuries that will let you rest and relax. Most people would choose lounge chairs and a simple table for their backyard porch, but you shouldn’t limit your options.

There’s no reason you can’t bring a few indoor amenities outside. A nice cozy couch or sofa would look great on your porch and provide you with enough seating for the whole family or any guests that come to your home. Outdoor rugs can add extra charm to the porch space and allow you to mix and match interesting colors. Place a coffee table on top of it and you have the perfect spot to have coffee or drinks with friends.


There’s no shortage of things you can add to your garden to make it more relaxing and beautiful. With the right additions, you can create the ultimate relaxation spot that isn’t difficult to maintain. Whether you’re looking to tend to your garden or crack a few beers with friends, you’ll want to make the most of your outdoor space. With the help of a few of the aforementioned ideas, you’ll have a good start.

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