6 Tips for Creating Your Own Whiteboard Animation Videos

Creating Whiteboard Animation Videos

Although a video describer might describe any topic or company, the whiteboard video format is not always the most efficient style each time. Whether it works or not truly depends upon the overall message, your intended audience, and what exactly you wish to convey. You can add text, images, or even voice over if you wish but in general, a whiteboard video is really only useful if it has a focused message or goal. If you need a flashy presentation, you might consider something else but when you’re creating a simple introduction for a new product line or as an information tool for a new training initiative, a straightforward whiteboard video may be the most appropriate option.

1. Identify Your Audience

It is important that you understand exactly who the audience for this presentation will be before you start creating the content. This means considering the age group and gender of those who will be attending. You don’t want to insult your audience with a poorly made whiteboard video that will not appeal to anyone, or worse yet, leave them indifferent to the message you wish to convey. Research and knowledge about your target audience are necessary if you would like to create the most effective videos possible. As you begin your search for the perfect whiteboard animation, start by thinking about the overall goal you wish to achieve.

2. Convey Your Message

The next thing you must think about is how to best show your messages to your audience. Some people have succeeded using animations to create characters for their videos. Others have been successful with just the plain words on the whiteboard. Creating characters and incorporating text is the first step, then you can move on to actually displaying the information you wish to share with your audience. In addition to characters, you may also wish to include graphics to help draw the viewer’s attention.

3. Have Strong Background

When creating whiteboard videos, you should consider including a strong white background. This creates the illusion of depth, allowing your audience to picture out the information presented. For this reason, the background and font styles of your information should match those of the source material, as well. If you’re drawing information from a newspaper article, for example, your background and font style should be similar to the layout of the article, or at least resemble it.

4. Focus on Animation

With whiteboard videos, it is important that your animation stand out from the rest of your content, as well. A common mistake is to simply use a black or white background with little to no other design or graphics. However, this can actually distract your audience, because they are more focused on the animation than the actual article.

5. Draw attention to features

To help make whiteboard animation videos stand out, you can draw attention to certain features of your information. For example, you can draw attention to a certain action, or a specific part of an activity. Drawing attention to an action or part will make your information less generic and allow your audience to focus more on what you have to say.

Another way to draw attention to an element is to change the color of your text. Sometimes, changing the color of your text can draw the eye away from an action, which will help to prevent people from becoming bored with your whiteboard explainer videos. You can also change the font type and size, but these techniques do not always work very well.

6. Break in separate components

As you can see, there are many ways to draw your audience’s attention to your information, whether it’s through a whiteboard video or a whiteboard explainer video. It takes practice and creativity, but it can be done. In addition, you need to remember that you can easily break any established whiteboard animation video down into separate components if you wish. This allows you to better dissect the concept and take individual aspects of your information and create your own separate whiteboard videos. It might be necessary to experiment with various aspects of your whiteboard animation video until you find the best way to approach your project.


If you are working to achieve marketing goals for your business, whiteboard video and animated presentations are just a few tools that can help you reach those goals. Using these tools, combined with your knowledge and expertise, you can create an effective marketing tool that will help you attract more visitors to your site and drive more sales. Good luck with your animation and video efforts

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