4 Things to Look Out For When Choosing Presentation Folders

Choosing Presentation Folders

Let’s be clear about it. Everyone knows that the best way to market your company is to choose quality stuff. When we say that first impressions are the last impressions, it actually is the case. Are you using marketing materials that are not up to the mark? Are they shoddy and look cheap? You will end up not making the desired impression. 

Similarly it is when you are looking at presentation folder printing. Since it is going to represent your business, you should look into folders that look right. Having said that, however, we understand that it can become quite confusing. It is complicated to get the right folder.

Since we are so critical of almost everything that we use. There are reviews for products, books, movies, fashion etc. But, when it comes to presentation folders you might not have as much reference as you might want. To assess what is the quality of the A5 presentation folder you are looking at. 

So what can you really do in this case? We have compiled for you certain key criteria. You should look out for these when choosing personalized folders.

1. Stock

Lets begin with the most basic thing. One of the most important things for a presentation folder is Size. Let’s say, a4 folder would be the material that is used in making it. Not only does the quality of the material affect its appearance, but also its longevity. Hence, when you are choosing stock for your folders, consider the two important factors that make it. These are weight and the thickness. Poor quality folders are quite easy to spot because they look really flimsy. To see the quality of the customer a5 folder hold it in one hand. It would start to droop if it is made of thin stock. 

When you use a folder that is made out of strong stock, it can generally hold its weight. It will not be weighed down by forces of gravity. Having a folder that is made out of thick stock cements your position and reputation as a quality company. Conversely do not go for stock that is too heavy or thick as well. Such folders can sometimes crack when they are folded owing to the heavy quality. So as a general rule, choose the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to the stock.

2. Right Edges

One area that experiences maximum wear and tear is the edges of a folder. If you choose presentation folders that are not good in quality, you will see that the edges of those end up getting torn quite easily, this is especially true for folders that have sharp edges. One way of battling this is to get folders that have rounded edges.

If that doesn’t go with the aesthetics that you are going for, then you can choose folders that have reinforced edges. Which is generally a process in which the folder is carefully glued in a manner that ends up doubling its edges and gives them extra strength. Folders that come with the right kind of edge generally experience less fraying and hence, this is something to take care of when looking at presentation folder printing.

3. Finish

Another major factor to consider to enhance the quality of your a5 folder printing is to look at the kind of coatings and finishes that are available. Undeniably so, they play an important role when it comes to how attractive your folder looks as well as how long it’s going to last. Looking at it from a monetary perspective, of course, personalized folders that are not treated cost less, on the flip side though they would be much less durable and might actually not also be that attractive. 

There are a variety of options that are available in the market today, such as lamination, UV coating, etc. Which can range from making the presentation folder look studio, to adding a glossy touch and making it resistant to sun exposure. There are also coatings available in the market today that can impact the texture of a folder, things like aqueous coating can give your a5 folder a premium look and feel without being too expensive.

4. Quality of Printing

While you might feel like presentation folder printing is uniform, however, that isn’t true. When it comes to printing, quality matters as well, using a printer that is not of that great quality could end up impacting the way your folder looks, owing to poor ink opacity. The best practice would be to ask for a sample before you give your order. Having a sample at hand will make sure that you have exactly the product you require. And you are not stuck with the poly printed a5 presentation folder.

If you are going for additional effects, such as embossing, foil printing, etc. then make sure that the company you choose is up to the mark. Other processes that you can consider to enhance the look of your folder include a 4-colour process or spot color printing, so make sure that you explore all these options before placing your final order.


So there you have it our pick of four things to look out for when you are looking at a5 folder printing. Keeping these things in mind will help you in making the best decisions when it comes to choosing the right kind of folder for your business. Of course, looking at the right designs is also important, however, even the right design cannot salvage a poor quality, poorly printed folder. So make sure you check these things out before you place an order and commit to a final representative of your business.

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