5 Tips To Choose A Stunning Website Color Scheme

Stunning Website Color Scheme

The color scheme of your website plays a vital role in giving it an outstanding look. The visitors usually notice the color scheme first. In order to grab the attention of the people a critical role is played by the colorful background, text, and buttons and it will make the people stay for a longer time on your website. It is important to include a color palette named “vyeet” if you are using the Divi theme of WordPress or Wix builder for building a website. Now I am going to give you 5 tips to choose a stunning website color scheme.

1. Use a combination of colors –

Your website design needs a color scheme. What do you understand with this? Shades in a good combination will be your requirement. You can include several shade combinations in your shade scheme. Whenever you consider shades of different types in a combined form for your site then it becomes critical for you to understand the shade nuances of these types. For suiting your scheme in the best way, you need to do modification of shades so that when working together they look perfect.

When used together, the working of various shades can be identified by color theory.  For deciding the right shades for you, the color theory will help you a lot. Monochromatic, analogous, tetradic, and triads, split complementary and complimentary are the shade combinations that are considered as main.

  • The same shade variations come under monochromatic shades. By making the use of tones, shades and tints you can accomplish this.
  • Yellow-green and green are analogous shades because they look extremely similar.
  • Yellow, blue and red shades are triads. Orange, blue, green and red tetradic shades.
  • If we use two shades with a base shade then all these are known as split complementary shades.
  • If we use a cool shade and a warm shade in a combined form then this combination is known as complementary shades.

2. Always use the simple shade scheme –

A simple shade scheme is always preferred. The visitor can get confused with a shade scheme that is busy and complicated. There are two benefits of keeping it simple. The first is that the design is tied together because of simplicity. It is possible to get a unified look by making the use of a small number of shades. The other one is that for processing the activity there is no need to do hard work.

3. Make the shades look contrasting –

Whenever you create a shade scheme for your website, a design element that plays a very important role in it, is contrasting your shades. You can create an impact with the contrast. For attracting people to the page’s certain parts, you can use contrast.

4. Include branding in your color scheme –

In your shade scheme, branding can play an important role. There is a possibility that a number of shades are already linked to your brand. In such a situation, for creating the shade design for your website use the shade palette that exists at that time. Now think about tweaking the shades of your brand. After picking a shade with a negative meaning, you may take interest in picking some other shade.

5. Take the help of color theory –

To know about the working of shades you can take the help of color theory. Now let us know about secondary shades, primary shades, and tertiary shades.

  • Primary shades – By combining two shades we cannot get a primary shade. Blue, yellow and red are its examples.
  • Secondary shades – If after combining two shades we get a new shade then this new shade will be known as secondary shade. As an example, you can make green shade by combining yellow and blue shades.
  • Tertiary shades – After combining a secondary shade with a primary shade we get a tertiary shade. As an example, you can get blue-violet by combining violet and blue.

By choosing effective shade combinations you can make your Website Design look great.

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