Explore 5 Types of Bike Handlebars and Their Associates

Handlebars Fit All Bikes

Biking and motorcycling are increasing day by day in our country. Mnd many young minds are passionate about getting bikes and riding it. It becomes very much important for the rider to ride comfortably. It is important to get a good Bike handlebar for proper comfort and convenience.

Nowadays Biking and motorcycling or motor vlogging or ridding is too much increased in the country. Seeing to it the perfect posture and perfect seating position and getting comfortable for long rides or commuting in daily traffic bumper to bumper makes it very important. It is for the ride to choose a perfect posture or to select a perfect handlebar of the bike. This is for the better seating and for the comfort. Now the main question Do all the handlebars of the bike fit all the other bikes?

Technically, yes it does. The handlebar of the bikes is interchangeable and can be fit into any bike. But the main part is the process. the process to change the handlebar is too complicated and too tedious.

Handlebars are for more comfort and styling to the motorcycle. It totally depends on the comfort and convenience of the rider. Handlebars are one of the most effective methods to express an opinion. While also significantly altering the appearance of your bike.

Bike handlebars types and all the accessories related to bike handlebar

There are different types of Handlebars that make the motorcycle looks different and makes it more comfortable than before it creates a personality for the motorcycle and even the rider.

  1. Stock bar
  2. Touring bars
  3. Ape hangers
  4. Drag bar
  5. T-bar

1. Stock Bar

stock handlebars are the type of handlebar that one gets readily when one gets the motorcycle. these handlebars are prior installed on the bike. these bike handlebars are basically high-rise bars and make the rider feel like it’s high. 

2. Touring Bar

Touring bars are the type of bike handlebar which are generally used by those riders who are touring or using touring bikes or tourers. These Kind of handlebar are priorly installed on the touring bikes as touring bikes are the type of bike which are made too comfortable and too smooth for riding as it is made wholely and solely for long tours and adventure so the bike handlebar also needs to be comfortable according to the rider to make the tour comfortable and convenient for the rider.

These types of handlebars can be identified easily due to their wide base.

these bike handlebars are the most comfortable for long tours.

3. Ape Hanger

Ape hanger is the type of bike handlebar which are literally called ape hanger as the rider hanger the hand in order to ride and these type of handlebar are used by the rider who rides on a particular time like a Sunday ride just for fun. These bike handlebars are also high-rise handlebars.

4. Drag Bar

Drag Handlebars are the type of handlebar which are not at all high ride these handlebars are flat handlebars.

these bike handlebars have a different style and different types of pull-offs

These bike handlebars are mostly used by the coffee riders or the rider who uses this kind of handlebar are known as a coffee rider.  

The rider seats low in accordance to the handlebar and have an aggressive seating position but still, it is comfortable. not recommended for the one who has back pain or back injury. 

5. T-Bar

T-bars are the types of Bike handlebars that are totally different from all the other handlebars these types of handlebars do not use any type of clamps they are totally mounted on Tripple trees and these kinds of handle bar are wider and makes it very much stable for the rider to ride the motorcycle with more confidence.


At last, the question arises which one is the best bike handlebar and which bike handlebar one should go with?

so, talking about touring and long tours and adventure touring the rider should always go with a Touring Bike handlebar which is one of the most comfortable and most easy to ride and gives confidence to the rider cruising on highways at high speeds.

for the rider who normally ride in the city and very rarely on the highways they should always give preference to the t-bar bike handlebar which are too convenient to maneuver in the city and is comfortable to day to day use 

for all the other rider who want their bike to look cool and give it a personality should always go for ape hangers or drag bar depending on their choices.

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